Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Selfish Baby With Strong Opinions Seeks Patient Deer!

Hehehe. I don't know what made me come up with such a random title, except that today, there are three things on my mind.

What I want.
What I like.
What I want some more.

Oh, yeah, you could say I'm being a big, selfish, baby! I'm never really like this, you know, really wanting things, or thinking on them.

But for some reason today, I keep thinking that I'd really like to get the BBC series Planet Earth on dvd. It's so cool, and I've been enjoying it so much on Netflix, that I would like to own it. Leah and I watched the second disc Sunday night, and we both were cracking up at the stunning, black feathered, male Bird of Paradise and his failed attempts to attract a mate. He put new meaning into guys just trying too hard. Everytime I watch this breathtaking series, however, I'm surprised at the wonders of creation and always catch something new and enchanting. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

What do I like? Right now, I'm in a quite musical mood. Tonight I've listened to everything from Etta James (can you picture me lip syncing with passionate face & hand gestures to "At Last"), to Sublime, to Gladys Knight & the Pips (not the Pimps, hehe), to Paolo Nuttini, to Martin Sexton (that's nothing new, I listen to him all the time, I'm in love with his voice and can't wait to see him at First Ave in September!!)

And while listening to him puts me in a melancholy mood, it also makes me think of something else that I want, and have wanted for the longest time now. But again, I'm a big, selfish baby, and have no right to ask for what is God's alone. URGH! Easier to get a dvd series huh?

Well, if not the other thing, then furniture, right? I got a great trade off tonight.... someone from Craigslist is going to give me their adorable red & white Hom Furniture sofa, and an overstuffed leather chair (in tan/camel), with ottoman, delivered for free, in exchange for a birthday cake from the bakery. Ok, who scored???

Why do I need furniture, you may be wondering? Well, God willing I will be moving into a great one bedroom apartment in about a month. Right now it needs a ton of cleaning, and some painting and some small repairs. So that will be my new project for the next few weeks, and I am so stoked about it. If there is anything I really do look forward to, it's home repair & renovation projects, and this can be just the start I'm craving.

The only challenge will be getting all this free stuff up the stairs....any volunteers to help??

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