Friday, July 27, 2007

If You Can't Say Something Nice....

....Well, we all know how that old adage goes. Thumper, the cutest rabbit to ever live thankyouverymuch, said it best. "Mama says, if you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all"

So, in all honesty, if I haven't posted lately, it's not for lack of anything to say. It's for lack of anything nice to say. In between roommate drama, feeling a bit friendless and alone lately, questioning my own stubbornness in wanting to become a pastry chef, missing an old friend that I used to love, my recent diagnosis (and frustrations) with Celiac's Disease, and more roommate drama, I've just not been a very cheerful me.

I came to that realization last night when I was having dinner with my best friend, and I could sense her losing patience, albeit nicely, with me. She didn't have to say anything, I could just tell that my cynicism wasn't anything she wanted to hear. So I did my best to shut up.

And so, I haven't posted this week. And I might not post this coming week too. I have written tons, trust me, but then when I proofread them, I realize that nothing I have to say is encouraging or upbuilding or anything I want associated with my name a month from now, so I delete the posts. I might not have much to say, but at least I'm not saying anything I'll regret.

And that's all I have to say about that! For now.


China Doll said...

Perhaps a coffee date this week would help! I'll be back in town late on Sunday night. I'm working Monday until late afternoon, Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday evening, but all other times I'm free! Give me a call and we can vent about roomies and cheer each other up. (After a week long road trip with my sister and extended family, I need a boost too!)

danielle said...

sounds like you need starbucks and then go for a nice car ride...on the roof of the car; of course...surely that would make you happy:)