Sunday, July 01, 2007

How They Roll At The Midtown Global Market

So, how do they roll at the Midtown Global Market, exactly? Why, with their hips of course.

I just love my "cultured friends", not all of which are pictured here. Those people with a heart and a passion for a culture other than our homogenized, cookie-cutter American ways. Those people who when it's suggested that we go to the Midtown Global Market, don't go "where?". Don't worry, I love all my friends, but there is something so refreshing about being around people who can embrace other cultures with verve and excitement.

So, that's where we ended up for lunch today, the MGM, and in addition to lunch, we were treated to the Bike Festival and Salsa Dancing with Renee!! Every Sunday this vivacious Cubano is there teaching dancing to the Minnesota masses, but this was the first Sunday I ever got up and danced. Of course, I managed to only get in the conga line, but all it took was one other person brave enough to encourage me, and boom, we were off skirt twirling and hip rolling.

K, on the other hand, well, we couldn't get her to sit down and eat her lunch. Her excitement brought me great joy! I hope to go back soon, and now know that there is someone else willing to shrug off their inhibitions and bailar, bailar, bailar (that means dance, for all you non-Spanish speakers out there)!

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Special K said...

And I must give kudos to you for being the only one to actually get up and dance with me! Hopefully Julie got pics of YOU for future courage-boosting documentation that anyone can learn to dance from René! Yes, WE will definitely be going back in the future!