Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Check Out My New Poll, On The Sidebar!

I'm a bit geeked... I put up a poll. It asks the life altering question:

If you could be any Muppet, who would you be?

I think I've got the heart and general sentimentality of Fozzie the Bear, the random eclecticness and klutziness of Gonzo, and the girly high maintenance of Miss Piggy (minus the voice like a buzz saw in my ear).

Your turn. Answer the poll??

1 comment:

just me said...

i not really like any of them exactly, a bit crazy like gonzo :)

i couldve shot miss piggy with a shot gun and had bacon for 5 years

kermit was sorta smart like me LOL, but he was a push over- and im not, so kermits out,

and fozzie i cant remember what he was like, he was nice? lol i really didnt watch the show so i really dont know all the characters that well...

i was like She-ra! how about a poll for that ;)