Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Oh The Joy!

I love my "family"! I mean, they're not really my family, since we're not blood related, but they might as well be for as much as I love them & feel loved and accepted by them.

I met my "family" three years ago this Thanksgiving, when a dear friend, who I miss a lot, brought me home for Thanksgiving dinner. At the time I thought it meant he liked me, but I know now, well, I think he was just taking pity on me, since I don't have any family in the Twin Cities, or in Minnesota for that fact. Whatever the case, I met them then, and have loved them dearly ever since.

Today I got to spend amazing quality time with them, and in the past year or so, that has become one of the things I thank God for most in my life. The time I spend with them is always pleasant, wholesome and upbuilding. Yeah, sometimes we get a little tired, or grumpy, and things aren't always perfect. But like I said, I feel more loved and accepted by this group of people than I ever have by anyone in my life.

I don't know what the point of this post is about, except that as I try to unwind and go to sleep tonight, I am so blessed by having spent last night and all day today with my "family". I love them, and want to tell anyone who'll listen. So there it is. I'm happy! Good night.

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