Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gettin' Ready For The Move

So, guess where I'm sitting right now? In my new chair - an overstuffed one at that. I have my feet up on the ottoman, but there isn't much room between the top of my legs and the bottom of the desk. See, I'm also sitting here using my new computer.

Wow, I'm blessed. So today, for FREE, I got a new computer (well, it's new to me, and only a year old really), an overstuffed chair (reeaally nice, big enough for two people squishy style, and it's going to be THE chair for Sunday afternoon naps, I can tell you that right now), the matching ottoman and a microwave. I friggin' love Craigslist!

I'll post pics later, cuz after moving around all this stuff, I'm pooped and ready for bed. The only bummer is that all this stuff is moved into the old place, and in a month's time I'll have to move it into the new place. At least it isn't very far.

1 comment:

Kari said...

Whoa! Congrat, darlin'. You'll have to share your Craigslist know-how magic with me.

After a certain number of successes on Craigslits, do you get a badge or something? Oooh--maybe a special cape.... ; )