Friday, July 20, 2007

A Brief Update, Really Not Terribly Interesting

I have to laugh, because a few years ago, when I first met Peggy Johnson, I had to try to convince her I wasn't all crafty/homey. She just thought she knew that I was a Martha (Stewart that is). These days, as I think of refinishing my new bathroom, all I can hope is that she'll offer some advice, or at least a few pointers, on the linoleum, caulking, paint, etc. She's the Martha Stewart, and I'm hoping she lets me ask her ten million questions as I get to work on the new place.

I wish I was a Martha Stewart. I'm so not and for once, I really wish I was. I have my work cut out for me in the new place, and I need vision, style, talent.

I have finally decided on some paint colors, at least. I'm leaving the adorable green in the kitchen, and have decided to leave the Tobacco color of the living room as well. I'd really like to accent it though with like, a Tiffany's blue. Come on, who doesn't love Tiffanys? The bathroom is going to be a pretty color called Peach Bud, a light blush color that should shed some light in there. And the bedroom, egads!! Right now it is bright periwinkle blue. Excuse me while I go spit out the barf that came up just now. It's new color will soon be Ruby Ring. Although, I'm worried that red walls, red sheets, red lamps, will it be too red? Should I think of doing a different color? But I like red. It's so warm. Hmmm.... the verdict is still out on the bedroom.

Ok, speaking of lamps, I FELL IN LOVE with some lamps at Pier 1 tonight. Y'all would be so proud of me. I went to Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods and Pier 1, and I only spent $8. On picture frames, of which I'm convinced you can't have too many. Eight dollars. I did so good. Pier 1 had some amazing deals though, and I was soooo tempted!! I especially fell in love with these adorable lamps. They're still a tad out of my price range, but by next week, well who knows? Anyways, till I know exactly what I want, I'm not going to spend money needlessly.

So, coming home tonight, I thought, I could use some inspiration. So to get in the Asian mood that I hope will gently permeate my new abode I ordered my favorite Mandarin Beef with gluten-dork friendly white rice and am watching a great Kurosawa masterpiece, Rashomon. Nothing says "get ready to decorate" like Samurai films!!

Seriously though, this is a classic. It has even defined a psychological phenomenon, when people can't discern truth, from conflicting accounts of the same event. IMDB gives this synopsis:

"The film depicts a rape and murder through the widely differing accounts of four witnesses, including the perpetrator and, through a medium, the murder victim. The story unfolds in flashback as the four characters—the bandit Taj┼Źmaru, the murdered samurai Kanazawa-no-Takehiro, his wife Masago, and the nameless Woodcutter recount the events of one afternoon in a grove. But it is also a flashback within a flashback, because the accounts of the witnesses are being retold by a woodcutter and a priest to a ribald commoner as they wait out a rainstorm in a ruined GateHouse. Each story is mutually contradictory, leaving the viewer unable to determine the truth of the events."

In any case, I have seen it once before, and it is a lot to follow, so I thought I'd try it again tonight. And, I was hoping to find some good black and white stills of the samurai and his wife, for framing in the living room. Sweet!

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