Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Craigslist Addiction & Kate Spade Obsession

Did you know there is a Craigslist movie? I kid you not. It's called "24 Hours On Craigslist" and it is a documentary following the phenomenon that Craigslist has become. I feel like I have not been on this bandwagon long, only about two years, but seriously, that's better than some, who have just discovered the treasure trove that CL is.

Now, I owe my CL addiction to my friend Erin, who I used to work with at New Life, and who would be constantly scouring the CL site for cute shoes & purses. She'd call me over to her office & I would think I needed to notarize something or whatever and she'd just be gushing over a new pair of pumps she found. Heehee. Me? I'm into furniture right now, needing some soon, and all. So, tonight, since I can't sleep after a fun night out, I decided to do a search for "paint" and see if I could find some cheap white paint to paint the cupboards in my new kitchen.

What did I find instead? An adorable pair of ISAAC (the couture line of Isaac Mizrahi, not the Target cheapo line) of chartreuse green suede mules with a little bow, in my size. For $35. Don't worry, I didn't buy them. They're kind of impractical anyways, and not quite dark enough green for me.

Also for $35 (or around there, actually $40), I found an adorable vintagey looking bed frame, right out of the pages of Country Living. That I might consider.

And, I responded to an ad for a man looking to have artwork commissioned, as a barter. I offered him cake. I hope he will think it a tempting promise. I also found a really cute Hoosier style dining table, definitely vintage American, 1940's, but I'm not sure it's going to be what I'm looking for in the kitchen, since I want to go with a more Asian feel. Speaking of Asian, someone had a retro looking bamboo headboard, but it was a twin.

I seriously need to get rid of my twin bed and upgrade. A quest I'm hoping CL can help me with in the next month or so. I did post a Wanted ad, saying that I'm looking for a newish, full or queen size bed set, and so far I've been propositioned for sex twice. Ummm, yeah, I said I need a bed, not someone to do things in bed with. Riiiiiigght. About the only thing I do in bed (other than sleep) is blog. Quite exciting enough for me.

So anyways, I did find paint. But only in a cheap looking burgundy color, and another in Chesapeake Sunset (translate - yellow). Urgh. I just want white. Bright, crisp white. To offset the Kelly green of my kitchen walls in a way that only Kate Spade could appreciate!

Speaking of Kate Spade, so Kari and I were at Macys last night scouring the home department clearance racks (yes, now I am dragging good and patient friends along in my inane home goods quests). And I fell hard for this red & white Kate Spade china set. That is, until I saw these ones online. Green. Bamboo. Kate Spade. I digress.

Which brings me back to the question I posed to Kari last night, and that I myself stole from another Carrie (Bradshaw that is)... Why can't a single woman register for home stuff the same way an engaged woman would? I mean, am I to be punished just because I'm not getting married? What if I wanted to register for a few things that I need for my apartment, and throw myself a housewarming party, and pray that someone would show up & if they did, they'd have gotten the hint and bought me something off my registry? Why?

I mean, I know the reasons why. Ri.Dic.U.Lous. But come on, a girl can dream can't she? I mean, I would never be able to get that Kate Spade china set on my own (isn't that the accomplishment of the modern single woman? "I don't need a man to get home goods - I got this all on my own!" Blah! Call me old fashioned, but I think I like the retro "I got an engagement ring AND a Kate Spade china set out of this" deal much better!)

Ok, I'm going into a whole different state of being here, and I should get back to my CL obsession. I wish they had Kate Spade on CL. She's my new style icon and home goods hero, and if you don't believe me, read this write-up singing her Park Avenue praises. Tableware Today (why yes, I did say Tableware Today, heeheehee!) says her name is synonymous "with hip, classy, retro, and moderne all at the same time" Ummm... don't I know another wonderful blogger with a home goods fetish and a CL obsession that that could describe? Hahaha!!!! Dream!!

In the meantime, I will continue to pour over countless CL posts, a lot offering crap I don't want and you couldn't pay me to take. In search of the rare, ubiquitous retro find, or (dear God a woman can dream can't she) the miraculous name brand (Kate, do I hear a Kate?) china set in green & white bamboo, to complete my adorable, wonderful Asian/New York inspired kitchen to be. Aaahh, I'll sleep good tonight!

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