Thursday, July 05, 2007

Los Choques y Magulla (The Bumps & Bruises)

So, who had the funnest 4th of July yesterday? Oh yeah, that's me. With a 30.5 mile bike ride, lots of family time, Hand & Foot, ice cream, fireworks, Pride & Predjudice, it was so fun! I got to spend the day with Johnsons, whom I love so much, and not just the day, but Tuesday night too. The girls and I stayed up late watching the BBC's Planet Earth series, disc two. I am blessed beyond what I could ask for.

Yep, I have no complaints, but this: This gigantic goose eggs & bruises I have on my bottom from our bike ride. Yes, I rode so hard yesterday, I actually bruised my poor bottom. It's quite hilarious, really, yes, I am laughing. But, seriously, the pain is quite intense, and enough to wake me up in the middle of the night last night, thinking I had golf balls on my bottom. Heheh. Ok, probably TMI.

So, on to other news. I found a great new podcast, that is teaching me Spanish. I am so excited, and have learned five new words today. Paisa, which means clown, and Papi de Azucar, which means Sugar Daddy, Phenomenal and Estupendo, which mean "pretty freakin' great" when someone asks how you're doing. And Fatal, which means "not so hot, I've got goose eggs and bruises on my bottom" when someone asks you how you're feeling. Of course, I know that when read, those last three look like Phenomenal, Stupendous and Fatal. And of course, they just happen to be spelled that way in Spanish too (with the exception of Estupendo). But, trust me with the accent, when I repeat them back, they sound just like Spanish.

Now you want to hear funny? The podcast is actually narrated by some Scottish people. Yep, they're from Scotland, and basically it sounds like Mike Myer's dad in So I Married An Axe Murderer teaching me Spanish. "Cabesa, mueva la cabesa grande!" ("Head, move your big head! I'm not kidding, that boy's head is like Sputnik!") Heehee, I digress. Anyways, when I say the words, they sound pretty authentic, but when the podcast folks say it, it's kind of hilarious, because it's all with the neatest little Scottish accent. I love cultural diversity!

So, this is all that's new in the life of me. Pretty unexciting. Spanish, a bike ride, a great family filled 4th, and some soreness. Just a tad! More later, but for now "Tenga la semana agradable", or have a nice week!

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