Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Zoo

So, it was 6:45 am when I woke up this morning, and realized I didn't bring up my whites from the laundry room the other day. That's right. Fifteen. To Seven. Eeeeaarrrly!!! Brrr!!

As I was heading downstairs, I thought I'd try on the new dress I got from Gap this week. Excited, I pulled it from it's navy blue bag and threw it on. It still smelled new. Gotta look cute to go get the laundry. Then I walked down the stairs, to the landing where the full length mirror is, and when I got down there, it wasn't the dress that caught my attention. It was the rodent droppings on the landing. All three of them.

Dear Lord, I live in a zoo.

I am so grossed out. Can rodents climb stairs? Am I safe up here? I keep my door closed most of the time, but what about when I meander into the bathroom or the kitchen, and leave it ajar? Will they make a run for it, and hide out somewhere? What if they're already in here? Do I have to hide my feet at night so they don't start to nibble on my toes? What if it's not just a plain little brown mouse? What if it's a city rat? A downtown, eats from the garbage, carries communicable diseases RAT? Not Ratatouille (looks cute by the way). A Rat!!!

Urrrggghh, I am freaking out and squirming at my desk, feet tucked up underneath me, even as I write this. I live in a zoo!

Speaking of a zoo - you know what I really want to do this summer? See a concert at the zoo. Chris Isaak (palpitate, palpitate) plays next month, but he's sold out. I can't complain, I've seen him live twice already. And outside, at the Greek Theater nonetheless. Outdoor venues are truly the best, why would you want to hear music that good kooked up inside some recirculated air conditioned box anyways?

Buddy Guy plays in August, at the zoo. Not quite as good looking as Chris, but waaaay more fun on the guitar. I can't get the image of him playing guitar with his, umm, mouth, out of my head. The raw talent. No pun intended. I've seen him outside too, though just once. Aahh, was that really fun, or was it not?

Just thinking of these two concerts has inspired me to make a new playlist, my favorites from both of these talented artists, and in a fit of whimsical genius (yes, I do surprise myself at times). I have entitled it Two Shades Of Blue. Heeeheee!

Hmmm ..... Maybe I could catch all the rats and mice in the house and sell them to people with snakes, on Craigslist and then I could have enough money for concert tickets at the zoo. Killing two birds with one stone. It's not birds I want dead in this house though. It's the rodents! I need a cat.

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julie said...

I have a cat for you, I kind of want it out of my house; but it actually belongs to my roommate, so I'm not sure how that would go over.