Monday, June 11, 2007

An Inconvenient Cold

I'm sick today. I felt it coming on last night, and I was really hoping it was just allergies. I was lying on Michelle & Jon's downstairs sofa, watching Meet The Fockers with Jenny & Leah, when I realized my throat was really, really sore. My first thoughts were "I better not give this to the kids", whereas my second thought was "I took a few days off work for my birthday to rest, and now I'll have to go back to work sick". Drats!!

Last night, in the middle of the night, it hit me. And hit me hard. Dang it! I woke up around 3:30 FREEZING cold, shivering so bad I was downright shaking. It was like the cold permeated all the way down to my bones. At the same time, my body was burning up with a fever. I could feel it, on my flushed cheeks, the sweat that was sliding down my back and the fact that my thighs were so hot, I had to change my spot in bed, because the sheets underneath me were going to spontaneously ignite. The odd fever/chills combination clued me in and I knew what it meant - I was not happy.

At least I have today off to just kick back, Dayquil up and try to kick it. Michelle loaned me Hannibal, so as I recline here, I'll have something to watch. My small group has kickball tonight, so I better rest up & get better. I may suck at kickball tonight, but I'll still go. I love kickball. And I love my small group, who I found I brag about quite a bit.

So that's where I'm at today. Sick, still in bed at 8:15 (wow, usually I've been at work for a few hours by now). Thinking that I really should get up and clean my room, but also wondering if one of the things you learn at age 32 is to just rest when you can, because most days it's the last thing you get to do.

Things I used to take for granted, or try to get out of (naps, sleeping in, people's offers to give me a scalp massage or buy me dinner) have now become luxuries I relish. Instead of foregoing them because I'm "too strong for that", I now enjoy them with gratitude and appreciation, that I'm learning only comes with age. Aaah, the joys of aging gracefully. Let's hope all three white hairs aside, I can manage to do so.

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