Saturday, June 30, 2007

What I'm Going To Do Today

The list is mighty, but I think I can do it.

2. Get a coffee, probably before I go tan.

3. Come home and finish Kari's birthday presents. Hello, when was her birthday? Damn, I slack.

4. Simultaneously watch the BBC series, Planet Earth, which I am totally in love with. Amazing aerial shots, vivid, up close footage of God's beautiful creation. It reminds me to give thanks to our Creator. Oh, and who knew that Snow Leopards were my new favorite animal?

5. Continue to try & locate a window for my car.

6. If I can find a window today, go pick it up.

7. Then take it over to Jon's house so he can fix it, and in return,

8. Fix dinner for Jon & Aidan. Make them watch the Planet Earth series with me, or maybe convince them to play a round or two of Hand & Foot.

9. If for some reason I still can't find a window, then clean out my closet, since Katrina will be home tomorrow, and do I really want her going through my closet in the state it's in?

10. Oh, take back that movie. Yikes!!!

That's my day. Pretty much. I'd like to go shopping, but I really do not need anything. Stink. I want a green dress & green pair of shoes so bad. Maybe next weekend.

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