Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Random Wanderlusting

I am so set for a road trip right about now. I can't seem to shake this sense of wanderlust. Usually when it comes around, it will last for about a week or so. I'll think of a place I want to go to, want to run to, and then I'll forget after a while. I'm never quite as serious as I think I am about it.

But this time around, whew, I can't seem to shake it. It's been weeks, months even, if you go back to my fascination with Jackson Hole, WY. I just want to run. Run far, run wide, and run and never look back. I want to run!! Run so hard!

I'm listening to road trip music. Born To Run, and stuff like that. "Tramps like us, Baby we were born to run!". Bruce sings about the amusement park rising bold and stark and loving Wendy with all the madness in his soul and how they were sprung from cages out on the highway and then he invites her to "Just wrap your legs round these velvet rims and strap your hands across my engines". Whew. I want to go there!!

Goodness gracious, I want to run. I want to roll down every window in my car (sure, Saturn's aren't the most romantic getaway vehicle, but I love my little blue baby), and let the wind rip through my hair, and feel the sun on my left arm as I wave my hand up and down along the lines of the horizon. I want to have no particular destination other than "The South". South of what, I don't know. There's Nashville - they have a good music scene. Or Miami, I know someone moving there I could crash with. Or Mexico. Sun drenched days, stark landscapes and low music as I sweat in jeans and a tank or two.

I want to run. So bad right now. Not from anyone or anything in particular. Just because I was Born To Run. I'm a woman created for adventure, and being stuck in a pastry kitchen and my bedroom is driving me nuts. I want to run, and just keep going till I find the ocean and then walk in barefoot for a swim. I want to run. Anywhere. I want to run. Anyone want to come with? I'll promise to come back, because after all, I think I'm a homebody at heart.

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China Doll said...

Don't run away! I'm coming home soon!

P.S. I thought you were sending Andy with a list of things you wanted. I didn't get a list. Anything you want desperately for your birthday TODAY!?!