Sunday, June 10, 2007

Amazing Weekend

So this post will be brief, in part because my "B" key is acting funny, and in part because it's almost midnight, and I'm pooped! *ut I just got home from the *est weekend - the best *irthday weekend I should say.

I love quality time - nothing *rings me more joy. And my new favorite quality time is with the Johnson girls. Heck, the whole Johnson family. There is SOO much to share, *ut here's the *rief recap.

1. Dance Party. With costumes. Pics to follow this week.
2. Waking up at Jon & Michelle's to see the kids early in the morning and share coffee and treats with them. Granted, having every stuffed animal on Josiah's *ed thrown at me at 6 in the morning was a bit of a rude awakening, *ut one I loved nonetheless.
3. Nana, and the sweet wonderful hug she gave me, and the words of encouragement she shared with me today
4. Sharing Sunday dinner as a family
5. Sharing "cloves" and sangria with the girls, on not one, *ut two warm summer nights. Talking, sharing, listening to them ooze with pleasure at the thought of setting me up with C.T.

Which makes me kind of sad in a way - *ecause it makes me realize that my heart is still not availa*le - though I wish, so very much, it was. I just wish I didn't care a*out "him" anymore, and I wish I could give anyone else a fair chance. ut maybe this C.T. guy could *e just the guy to make me forget a*out anyone else - anyone else that doesn't care for me. It's gonna take an amazing guy to make me forget the amazing guy I'm crazy about. But if the girls are right on, and I trust their wonderful hearts, then who knows, this could be someone to make me forget!

In any case, it is *eautiful to hear them gush, and go on and on a*out setting me up and what a wonderful match we're going to make. They were even daydreaming a*out getting me married off, *y my next *irthday no less. Hahahah. Such high hopes. I love their optimism. I love that I get to spend enough time with them to have their optimism shine through. I am *lessed *y their love & our relationships. I love them with all the wonderful, family love in my heart. Good night!

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