Thursday, May 31, 2007


Tonight, here are Three Beautiful Things I'm grateful for:

1. A friend like L, who shares a desire for adventures with God, and is one of the sweetest people I know. Her goofy quirks and open heart make her a very dear person to my heart.

2. My hair is finally growing out, and it's summer curly (the only reason I put up with humidity). The other day, I saw a real little ringlet on the underside, near the base of my neck. Cute! And with the length recovering from my last haircut (ouch!) I can actually see it splayed out on my shoulders. I will never get talked into getting it chopped ("but it's so modern!!") again!

3. Summer picnics. I'm going to three this weekend! I love being outside, in the warm sun, with a cool breeze, and people bustling about as if winter never happened. Now I just want to go to a Lake Harriet bandshell concert, and a movie in Loring Park and I'll be totally thrilled!

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