Friday, May 25, 2007

The Bat Is Back

The bat is back and this time he's trapped. See, that's him in the window, up in the corner, the little brown blob. He's a freaky looking little buzzard! And he's surprisingly little. He didn't look that little the other night when he was flying around wildly in our hallway. He looked half the size of Texas, with bloody dripping fangs and a sign that said "I eat girls like you for breakfast".

So, when I got up this morning, Nicole had left a note saying that she had found him nudged, wait, nudged is too nice a word, wedged in between the kitchen window and screen. So she decided to close the window and trap him for us girls, before work. This same thing happened yesterday, except that she had seen him and thought that if she closed the window she'd smush him to death, and decided to let him go. I wonder if he'll starve out there. He definitely won't suffocate, because he's on the screen, and there's oxygen. Will he get dehydrated and shrivel up and die? How are we going to get rid of this pest?

Another thought I don't get - I love the movie Batman Begins. It's one of my favorites. So why freak out when there's a bat in our house? Oh yeah, cuz it's not Christian Bale stuck in my kitchen window, it's a rat with wings!

So now we have him, the little monster, and the question is, what the heck are we supposed to do with him? This is when I could seriously use a guy around the house to do my dirty work.

I am almost starting to feel sorry for it. I mean, if the rumors are true, he's been trapped in our house for over a year. We had a bat last summer, and Kathy, our lovely homeowner's response was "Well, what do you want me to do about it?" Urgh!

So, if this is the same bat, I must say, I kind of feel bad that's it's been stuck in our house for over a year. It's had no bat fellowship, and it must miss the great outdoors. Listening to all the girl drama that's gone down in this house, before I lived here that is, must be traumatizing on any animal, much less one that's trying to sleep during the day.

Ok. my sympathy is done - it's still a freaky looking little pig and I want it gone! Any volunteers to come remove a bat from my kitchen window?? I'll pay you in cookies & gratitude!!

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China Doll said...

Yay! You trapped it! Good luck with the next step. Don't two of your house mates have boyfriends? Tell them to step up to the plate!