Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Seriously! Really? Come On!

Ok, just let me say I am quite appreciative of people's advice to count all my blessings and all that. But Pollyanna idealism aside, I'm a little put out right now. My tooth infection hasn't cleared up, and this just happens to coincide with the week when the owners of the apartment I'm subletting finally decide to fix the leaky ceiling in my room. The ceiling that's been leaking and partially hanging down for two months now. That ceiling.

Really? You're going to wait till this week, when I'm tired from working 50 hours lifting ginormous amounts of butter, to fix the ceiling?

Really? Seriously, you're not going to give me any prior notice?? Seriously now? You're just going to let me come home from an 11 hour day at the bakery to find all my stuff (and the person who I'm subletting from, her stuff too) in the hallway and shoved into the study randomly, willy nilly style? Really? That's how you want to play this?

Because, where I come from, happy polite, semi-quasi-Pollyanna-meets-Sarah-Silverman-land, we do things a little differently. Like we tell people when we're going to invade their living space and move everything!

And yeah, I believe in sovereignty, and so I can say that all things happen for a reason and all that. But seriously God, you didn't want to cut me a break on this one? Because, I would've loved a break this week. Really. I trust You, and I figure You're probably using this to make me a better person and all. But the person I feel like right now is just sitting here, amongst a pile of everything in this apartment, wondering, really, this is a great lesson? Wow, ok.

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