Monday, May 21, 2007

Three Beautiful Things

So, there seems to be a theme, of gratitude, or expressing it to others, that I've noticed lately. I think it's sweet, if not a little overdone. But like an overdone steak, even when it's not so good, it's still pretty good. Or wait, is that pizza?

In any case, I was reminded of a tradition that some friends of mine have. Every night before they go to sleep, they tell each other two things they're grateful for, about one another. They're married by the way. It's kind of sweet, but it would be challenging. Living with someone day to day, amidst the monotony of married life, how would you think of something new every day? Your eyes would have to be wide open, and shielded by the grace of God (i.e. rose colored glasses) to value someone enough to find two things every day.

Thus says the cynical single girl!

Then I ran across this blog, Three Beautiful Things, and I saw that someone has made a habit out of doing this on a regular basis too. His tagline reads "Every day I want to record three things that have given me pleasure". And when he says every day, you can see that consistantly he blogs with TBT's - every day.

It made me think of Romans, in chapter 1, at the onset where Paul begins his argument for the wretched state of mankind. He leads into his diatribe about man turning his back on God by stating that they failed to give God thanks. He says "For although they knew God", they being mankind, as seen in verse 18, "they neither glorified him as God, nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened".

Really? Is ingratitude, a failure to thank God, the beginning of futility and foolishness? The Bible says it is, though in my American, overly entitled, self serving attitude it seems so unplausable. Reality baby, reality! It's the stepping stone to a foolish heart and a futile life. All it takes is a simple "Thank you God for ..." He gives us the antithesis to such a mistake, in Hebrews 12:28. In that verse God even throws in a freebie - "Since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe."

Wow. That's all I can say to that. Wow. So tonight, I want to be grateful. What am I thankful for? For TBT's. Three Beautiful Things.

1. Lessons learned about the wonderful Lord and the grace that I know He's going to have to patiently teach them to me over & over again.

2. A really comfy bed, and the possibility that it might rain by the time I fall asleep so I can lie in this really nice, fluffy bed, and listen to the sound of the raindrops tap-tap-tapping on the roof outside.

3. Great fellowship, with a small group that I love, and that loves me, and that loves the Lord and thanks Him together.

So now I ask this... what are your TBT's??

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Clare said...

Hi there

Thanks for 3BTing. I'm actually a 'her', not a 'him'!

Kind regards