Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Meaning To A Great Mystery

And by that mystery, I mean my name. Trinette. See, often when people ask what my name means (after they get done butchering the quite phonetic pronunciation, despite my generous favor of spelling it for them), I tell them "Well, it's a German derivative of Catherine, which is my mother's name". Incidentally, my mom's name means 'pure', and she is actually named after the Princess Catherine of Aragon (Aragon being a province in Spain, where I'm sure my family hails from, and my grandma's maiden name). Sadly, though, my name, Trinette, in and of itself, has no specific meaning.

Though today, I discovered a juicy little tidbit about my name. It has literary reference. By Charlotte Bronte no less!

Yes, my name was the name of one of her characters, in one of her most critically acclaimed works, a three volume novel entitled Villette.

I was thrilled upon discovering this, and quickly searched the entire book for any and all references. Seems they are all confined to chapter ten, in reference to a French Nursemaid, yes, my namesake.

And being the cultural snob that I am, nay, even a literary snob, I was thrilled to the bone about this discovery. I'm named after (or so I will tell myself for years to come) a mysterious character in a Charlotte Bronte novel. A three volume novel nonetheless. I couldn't be more ecstatic than if I was a character in an Oscar Wilde play!!

Come on, doesn't that sound wonderful???

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