Saturday, April 07, 2007

100 Things 33 1/3

Oh yes, we're not done yet.
(Picture at right? See #43)

50. I love Iron Chef. Even Iron Chef America. Food TV in general, but really, just Iron Chef.
49. Gimme glasses instead of contacts. They're so sexy! Guys in nice glasses weaken my knees. Now I only wish I could find mine.
48. I'm a Food Science geek. Alton Brown, Harold McGee, come on, I love those guys (speaking of sexy).
47. I'm going through a rest period in my faith. And I completely trust in God to see me through it.
46. I wish for heaven a lot sometimes. There is nothing here on earth that means so much to me that I wouldn't trade it for being in heaven right now.
45. The only thing that could possibly sway me is having children. I want twins.
44. I love older sounding names. Hazel, Henry, Mabel, Oliver, anything "antique" sounding.
43. I would love to live in Spain someday. Or Italy. But in the countryside.
42. But I am horrible at learning other languages.
41. I bite my nails. And I ravage my cuticles. But if I have acrylic nails on, I leave them all alone.
40. I am a horrible morning person.
39. I love taking naps. I try to every day, but sometimes I can only squeeze in a few a week. Sad.
38. If I don't get enough sleep, that's when I turn into a bear. It usually takes three or four days of not getting enough, but once that final sleep deprived point hits, I'm inconsolable.
37. I could be happy on a farm. I don't need the city to live in, I could do just as well in the country.
36. I'm anal retentive about spelling. I can spell just about anything, and take great pride in it.
35. I don't really like romantic comedies. My favorite movies are Gladiator, Black Hawk Down and The Godfather.
34. The only two romantic comedies I own were considered flops in the theater - Laws of Attraction & Win A Date With Tad Hamilton.
33. Sometimes God wakes me up in the wee early hours. I think He knows it's the only time He can get my full attention.
32. I'm prone to spiritual attack through nightmares. I have had them since I was a child. I can remember, with detail, my first one.
31. The only household chores I like to do are laundry and ironing. I love ironing.

Whew! I'm halfway through. This is more of an undertaking than I thought. Check back soon for the other half (maybe the better half??).

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