Saturday, April 07, 2007

100 Things. Part Deux.

There are a lot of things I could go on to tell you about me, but here are the ones I'm willing to let you know. Continued.

(For help with the picture, see #16)

30. I try to limit my interactions with really needy people.
29. I'm super shy, and an introvert. Really, I am.
28. My biggest fear is growing old alone.
27. My second biggest fear is sea animals. Sharks. Orcas. Dolphins. You name it. If it lives in the sea, I'm afraid of being eaten by it.
26. I hate warm weather. I'll take the cold any day.
25. I say "hate" a lot. I don't mean it like abhor. I just over use it to mean "greatly dislike".
24. I have the habit of conforming whatever I think is attractive in a man to match the last guy I dated. For instance, ever since I dated Jeff, I think Steve Mariucci is hot, because he reminds me of Jeff.
23. I never flirt with guys I'm friends with. It causes too many problems. But if I like a guy and we're not at the friends stage, I can flirt like no one's business.
22. Insincerity is the trait I deplore most in women.
21. Loyalty is the trait I admire most, in women.
20. Chivalry is the trait I admire most in men.
19. Superiority is the trait I deplore most in men.
18. I think I'm a good catch. I have my issues, but all in all, I can make someone pretty happy.
17. I have a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor. Oh wait, these are 100 Things You DIDN'T Know About Me.
16. Ok then, I have really stinky feet. Heehee.
15. I'm a voracious reader.
14. I'm stubborn & rebellious. If you tell me I have to do something, I'll make sure to never do or do just the opposite.

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