Monday, April 09, 2007

100 Things. We're Wrapping This Up!

Ok, who knew that writing 100 Things You Didn't Know About Me would take a year? I guess I didn't. Thanks Brooke, for the heads up!

So, here goes nothing. My best attempt to get 'er done in one post. Just 50 to go. (Cute pup huh? See #'s 88& 89)

100. I'm a commitment-phobe. Yeah, you heard me, I'm afraid of commitment.
99. I like cold pizza more than the warmed up stuff. I'll eat it for breakfast any day.
98. I could live in bed. Read there, write there, sleep there, watch TV there. My bed is my favorite place. All those pillows!
97. I'm afraid of being judged. Even writing #98, I'm afraid of what people are going to think.
96. I have a black thumb. I can't garden to save my life. I kill all plants.
95. I like earthquakes. I mean, I grew up with them, and I don't mind them that much really. I like to feel the earth move beneath my feet.
94. I love roller coasters, but I'm a little chicken at first.
93. As with roller coasters, and a lot of things, I'm a little chicken at first. But once I actually do something I'm afraid of, a couple times, say two or three, I gain courage, am ok with it, and can do it over and over again. I just need a little patience, and a little time.
92. But if there really is something I've tried, and I can't do, for fear or phobia (swim with dolphins, rock climbing walls), any "motivation" to try to get me to do it will only piss me off. Seriously, your persistent asking is doing nothing more than annoying me, and making me feel really uncomfortable, so stop already and respect my decision!
91. I've was in love with the same guy for the last two years, and we don't even talk anymore. He breaks my heart.
90. I wish I came from a different family.
89. I want a dog, real bad.
88. I had a dog once, his name was Milford. One day while I was at work, my grandpa took him to the pound, without me knowing, because he was an asshole, my grandpa. When I got home from work, and found out, I cried inconsolably. Then I called around to every pound in the city, and when I finally found him, two days later, it was too late. He was already put down.
87. When I have kids, I will never treat them the way my family has treated me.
86. I have a hard time seeing God as a good father. Wonder why?
85. Yet, I know He loves me. I have no doubt that nothing will ever tear me from His hand.
84. It's one of the few points in my faith I can cling to with complete assurance.
83. Other things, like church involvement, or my call in ministry, I'm not so sure of.
82. I hate feeling trapped. The minute I feel trapped, I want to run, long, hard and wide. RUN!
81. When I think of running, I think of small towns in middle America. And road trips.
80. I like country music. But not all of it.
79. I know all the words to Baby Got Back, and sing along whenever it comes on. Heeehee
78. I don't trust a lot of people.
77. I once dated a man 17 years older than me. We still talk and are great friends. He understood me like no one else.
76. Now all I seem to meet are younger guys. Mrs. Robinson Syndrome.
75. I have seen the Gypsy Kings in concert four times.
74. I can salsa dance, but rarely do.
73. I adore garlic.
72. I once laughed so hard I peed my pants..
71. I'm afraid of becoming a diabetic.
70. I used to tan, a lot.
69. I've always wanted porcelain skin, however.
68. I think Jennifer Connelly is the most beautiful, talented woman alive.
67. I adore Brittish men. Clive Owen. Paul Bettany. Hugh Grant. Hmm, maybe it's just the accent.
66. I used to nanny, for a family with six kids. One of them had cerebral palsy.
65. I sometimes speak with a funny accent when no one's around.
64. Sometimes I do it around choice friends.
63. I am bad at keeping in touch with people who move away.
62. I have over 40 pairs of shoes.
61. In times of crisis, I become paralyzed, and can't speak or scream.
60. I've been mugged three times.
59. I've been to every mall in every town I've ever lived in.
58. In my cell phone, I give my student loan collectors code names, so I know it's them when they call.
57. I love board games, and can get extremely competitive.
56. Sometimes I lie.
55. I just want to be adored.
54. Seriously, I do. By a man who will treat me like a princess, and love me faithfully.
53. I have no tolerance for infidelity. It is the one sin in marriage I could not get over.
52. I trust in God, that He has a plan for my life that is His absolute best for me.
51. If it never happens, I will believe that His will is sovereign, and that He is worthy of my praise.


China Doll said...

Correction: MY bed is your favorite place!

China Doll said...

You've been keeping in touch with me quite well!

What kind of accent? British? Cartoon silly? Italian? A combination of such romance languages? I would feel ever so honored if in our next phone call you graced me such accented speech!

I want to know these loan collector's names. Are they super spy sounding?

Ha, I was just reminded of an old boyfriend who used to give the waitress a code name at restaurants whenever he had to wait to be seated. It really threw me the first time when he jumped up at her call of 'Mickey?'

I want your skin color, let's trade!