Monday, October 01, 2007

Who I Am Now

So I started a new job last week. I like it, it's a great, professional environment and there are a lot of nice people working here. It's been interesting meeting these new people, because I realized that they're a whole crowd who don't know who I am. I'm a different person than I was even six months ago. Who am I now?

1. I'm trying to be a woman who isn't focused on the things that don't fulfill. Men. Materialism. Perfectionism. Control. Beauty. Social Status & Popularity.

2. Despite that I'm a woman who talks too much about trivial things and isn't near as deep or meaningful in my conversations as I'd like to be. See above. And I still read the tabloids with a voyeuristic sense of curiousity. I can't help it, I really did want to see Brangelina work things out!

3. And I'm still a clotheshorse, a shoe freak, a make-up junkie and that woman who truly does prefer guys' company over girlfriends most days (with a few exceptions Kari & Katrina). Oh, and I want Katie Holmes' new hairdo, it's soooo right now.

4. I'm a reader. And a sometimes TV on DVD watcher. Depends. But mostly a reader.

4. I'm a lot quieter than most of y'all would think. I am learning what it means to be still, meek and quiet, yes even in voice. Come on, cut me some slack - I'm trying!! You wouldn't believe it, but I've been using my inside voice for over a week now, and someone commented to me today that I have such a lovely, soft voice. HAHAHAHA!!

5. I'm committed to affirming, nurturing and encouraging the people God puts in my life. I'm definitely a pray-er. I can't do much for the people I love, but I can always pray for them & lift them up through the word of God. I guess that hasn't really changed, though I have learned a lot lately about what it means as a woman to Affirm, Nurture & Accept. I'm trying to do those successfully, though that last one is quite the challenge! Thank you Piper/Grudem!

6. I'm less of a coffe snob than I used to be. But in return, I'm a whiskey snob now. Oooooh, how I've developed a taste for the fine stuff! My bourgouise palatte won't even go near Jack now, I'm a Bookers or Makers Mark girl all the way.

7. I'm turning into a freaking hippie! I recycle like everything now, and I ride my bike everywhere, and I'm concerned about all kinds of crazy social causes. Who is this girl? Is she related to the Amnesty International-Social Justice geek I was in high school?

8. I'm a wanna-be mountain biker. If there's anything I want to learn this year or next it's mountain biking. And maybe white-water rafting.

8. I'm a food-tard. I can't eat any of the things I used to love. But I'm happier/healthier for it. Seriously though - I miss wheat. And milk. And speaking of turning into a hippie - I won't even go near the big chain stores anymore. I'm all about the Co-ops! Gimme the Wedge & those amazing gluten free peanut butter cookies & some free range, grass fed beef! Wow. At least I'm not a vegetarian, though I have considered how much cheaper life would be if I was.

9. Some things remain the same though....I'm still a klutz. I still spill EVERYTHING on my shirt. Most of my tee-shirts look like Jackson Pollack had a food fight on my chest. Oh, and I can't walk & talk on the phone without walking into things. Or drive stick & talk on the phone while holding a soda. And I still trip on the hem of my pants coming down the stairs. Yeah, I'm definitely still a klutz.

We're all evolving constantly. Some of us are actually being transformed into something far greater than ourselves. As I change, I want to become a woman who lives gracefully, inspires others and can laugh at herself


Anonymous said...

I hate to point it out,but I am still going to:) but that first picture is of Katie Holmes and the Second is of Victoria Beckham, whose Hair I am completely obsessed with! Good Taste!

Rachel said...

o Yeah, I should have told you this yesterday when I bashed your photo. I <3 (love) your blog! And you!