Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Heck, I'd Date Me

I don't know what inspired that title, today, other than an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and satisfaction and confidence, inspired by my most recent Home Depot outing. Seriously, by the time I left there, a huge grin on my face, my plywood purchase and Cherry Coke in hand, I was postively walking on sunshine.

Could it be the fact that it's a beautiful day outside? Or, that, compared to yesterday's Murphy's-Law-mishaps, today is going relatively smooth? Could it be that I feel very polished today, in my favorite pink turtleneck (yes, I really DID say pink turtleneck!)? Or maybe the fact that my wit was in high form, as I flirted this morning, with the cutie-pie IT guy I'm maybe sort of thinking is kind of neat, a little bit, or something like that, maybe? I don't know....maybe it's the fact that, as the condescending old man at Home Depot gave me crap regarding the beams I was having him cut, I knew exactly what I wanted, and could communicate it to him succinctly, much to his bafflement (you mean, women really DO know about wood? Oh, I know wood!)

It could be a million different little things, but today, I feel great. For the first time in about two weeks, I'm not sporting a giant migraine (no wheat yesterday has a LOT to do with that). I really do think a lot of it has to do with the great weather, but no matter, I am almost bi-polar in how happy I am today. Seriously. And with that kind of walking-on-clouds feeling comes a great sense of confidence.

That confidence enables me to say, today, that really, I think I like me. I can do all kinds of stuff around the house. I know my way around both a Home Depot, and Bloomingdales. I smell good. I'm cute (not gorgeous mind you, I'll never be gorgeous, but I'm cute, and cute is good, I think. Phoebe Cates is cute.). I'm hilariously funny, if you think that spilling stuff on yourself is funny (it's a whole kind of physical humor, go watch some I Love Lucy, and get back to me). I'm remarkably intelligent, can cook up a great meal, mix up a strong drink, tell you anything about the Revolutionary War, Whiskey, Cigars or French Literature. I will kick your ass in Scrabble, but let you win Risk. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I like me, and the way I'm feeling today - Heck, I'd date me.

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China Doll said...

I'd date you too! But only if you would eat the purple skittles...