Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fall Is Here - Kind Of

So, I wish we were having fall weather the way I like it. Cold, crisp, sunny, bright, blusterry & packed with crimson colored leaves everywhere. The kind where you can go apple or pumpkin picking, in Wellies, dark denim and cashmere sweaters. The kind where you can jump in a pile of leaves, or smell them burning (that's such a distinct smell). Instead we have weather that reminds me of the Pacific Northwest (minus the smell of pines, another distinct aroma I love). Which makes me nostalgic & full of longing.

Ahhhh, the whole day is making me melancholy. I want to go home and watch The Family Stone. I like that movie, trite as it may be, for many reasons. The presence of Dermot Mulroney AND Luke Wilson. The way it makes me long to live on the East Coast, in the posh-circular driveway-suburbia of Connecticutt. The fact that it's about family, and battle to fit into one. Or maybe it's because it's all about Christmas. A beautiful, white, family-packed, traditional (well somewhat!), yuppie Christmas. Ahhhh, how I long.

Maybe I'll watch Little Women too, while I'm at it. Sing the Wassail song for like a week afterwards, and crush on an early Christian Bale. Wish I had sisters, well more than one. I might even spend the evening talking kind of funny and proper.

On another note - I'm a bit let down today. I want to go to the Iron Fork competition on Thursday, and I have a friend with tickets, but not for me (now, I'll be singing "But Not For Me", a perfect song for a fall day like today). I mean, why would someone do this: "Hey, I have tickets for this cool thing, that I know you'd love, and I was going to ask you to it, but now I'm not because I'm taking someone else instead, who won't enjoy it near as much as you, but who I kind of owe an invite to". WHY? Come on people, what kind of manners are those? Now I'm dissapointed thinking about it today, because I really wanted to go, but I don't get to.

Anyways, maybe that night I'll crack open my own bottle of wine at home, and make those wild rice & cranberry stuffed pork loins hiding at the back of my freezer, and watch an old movie. I mean, in all honesty, that does sound kind of nice. It is perfect curl up on the sofa & watch an old movie weather. I do love fall!

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