Wednesday, October 24, 2007

United Way News

So, at work, yes my new job in the wild, wacky world of accounting, I have been put in charge of our United Way giving campaign, and organizing the week long festivities that will spur our employees to empty their pockets to benefit a good cause (homeless kids and stuff like that).

If you ask me, I'd give that week's pay just for them to change that horrible spokeswoman on their radio spots.

"Meeee, yoooou, Rrrrred, Bluuuuue, Paackerssss Faaaannnnn, Vikingssss Faaaaan, Caaat Perssson, Doooooog persssooon"

Dear lord, it's like she's about to do the microphone. She literally makes me sick. I can't think of any voice I've been more irritated by in the last ten years. WHAT exactly is her appeal? And how the heck did she get a job in radio broadcasting? She put the "broad" back in broadcasting!!!

Anyways, I digress. So, as I've been organizing our committee on United Way fun, I've had to come up with various activities for both fun & fundraising. So far I have an "Elk Lodge" style pancake breakfast, an ice cream social, a Chili cookoff, a Family Feud style game of Curses (if you've never played, it's a party game must!), three different dressing-up contests (one for each decade, the 50's, 60/70's & 80's), a Silent Auction, Executive Olympics (think that episode of The Office...Dunderball anyone?) and much more!

I'm pretty excited about leading the United Way giving campaign team, as this feeds right into my creative/artsy/fun side, which I was sincerely afraid could get lost in all this corporate accounting stuff. And, it takes me back to my Junior League days back in Pasadena, when we would always be racking our brains to think of new & interesting fundraising ideas. I just had to share the joy, and give the brief "new job" update simultaneously.

In the meantime, I believe we should start a petition, getting that *&$%# United Way woman off the radio. People could die in fiery car crashes because of her commercials, and to me, that's reason enough. It would be my greatest altruistic effort to date. Anyone with me?

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