Thursday, October 18, 2007

Creative Genius

I have, yet again, stupyfied myself with the levels of genius (or desperation) I'm able to reach, in the quest for making my apartment cute & liveable.

So, it's like a daily occurence for me to browse I don't have a car. I shop vicariously through browsing online. Every once in a while I'll actually buy something, but I'm like the Bridget Jones of shopping these days. Ain't much happenin' there.
If I wasn't so broke all the time, I would be indulging in those Rachel Ray saucepans that I admire so much, or that new Isaac Mizrahi red car coat. But, yeah, needless to say, my shopping right now is pretty much imaginary.

And if I'm going to be staking claim on some swampland in Imagination Town, why not go the full 9 yards, and register at for the things I really like? I mean, hey, it's also a great way to remember the things I see and would like to get. And maybe some day my mom will win the lottery, or my aunt Sharon will decide she needs to outfit my kitchen in all matching kiwi & espresso furnishings. Or maybe, (cough, cough, choke, laugh) someday I'll actually get married. In that case, this Registry is going to come in miiiiiiiighty handy!

In the is a link, if you're at all curious as to how I spend my day (I mean, besides working, and stalking Craigslist). Happy Browsing.......don't say I didn't have a good idea!

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