Friday, October 19, 2007

Gotta Be A World Record

So, three posts in a day. That’s gotta be a world record, right? I just, for some reason, have a lot to say today. Could it be the fact that I’m back to getting enough sleep, and feeling a lot better about it? Does that mean I’m quiet and untalkative when I’m tired? If so, I know a lot of people who like me better tired.

Anyways, the reason for this post is this: I am the proud new owner of a Barbershop chair. An antique barbershop chair nonetheless. It’s a 1910 Theo A. Koch barbershop chair, and it’s pretty sweet!

There’s a bit of a story behind it, so bear with me:

So, Saturday night I was at Jon & Michelle’s and I overheard an acquaintance telling Michelle about a shoe-shine chair that she’s restoring, and I thought with amusement “Isn’t she cool?”. That’s so unique/ambitious of her.

I mean, I kind of already thought she was pretty cool, based on the fact that she’s successful, brainy, and beautiful and from what I hear, every guy who grew up with her has had/still has a crush on her. She’s coolly unattainable, the kind of Grace Kelly type that I couldn’t be if I tried. Lucille Ball meets Sophia Loren, that’s more me. But patrician, regal Grace Kelly I’m not!

So, fast forward to today, as usual I’m tramping Craigslist for the laundry list of items that my friends have me scouting for, as well as for fun things for my apartment. And what do I find? Not a shoe-shine chair, better. A 1910 antique Theo A. Koch barbershop chair! With the original leather, nickel & porcelain. How cool is this? I mean, it’s not a shoe-shine chair, but neither am I trying to be someone I’m not.

So, of course, in my usual fast-fingered typing frenzy I emailed the owner and told her of my interest and next thing you know, we’re on the phone, making arrangements for me to move this 500 pound behemoth of an antique.

Take a look at the picture, pretty cool huh? I mean, this is going to look so cool in my apartment. Where, I don’t know, but it will. I just have visions of meeting this awesome, wonderfully romantic guy, and being able to learn to shave him with a straight edge, hot towels and a beaver bristle brush in my kitchen.. How nostalgic and romantic is that?

A new project (wait, with painting in my apartment, and replacing the floor in the kitchen left to do still, am I becoming one of those people who has 40 unfinished projects going at one time?? I hope so!) I am so excited!!

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