Friday, October 19, 2007

By The Way

Oh by the way, I'm taking applications for a shoulder rub. Yeah, that's right, YOU can give ME a shoulder rub. I've learned, the hard way, this week that when you go shopping every night at Target, and then carry your items home in your messenger bag, that sometimes your shoulder doesn't like it. So, as of last night, I have a knot the size of an egg in my right shoulder, and I'm grumpy, fussy and generally unhappy about it.

So, if you'd like to bless me by getting the knot out, I am taking applications. Ask Kari, I don't just let anyone touch me (ew!). So, I want references, and results from a recent physical showing you have no weird fungus's on your hands. All fingernails must be clean and trimmed. Anyone with a history of nose-picking is immediately disqualified (yeah, like I want THAT stuck in my hair).

Send all inquiries to

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