Monday, November 05, 2007

Sleeping Quarters

So, this weekend, I got to work. I pulled almost everything out of my bedroom, and started the painting project that will, I estimate, take me the rest of the week. It is so worth it, however.

It's worth it because....

....I'm gonna have the cutest room of anyone I know! I am! I am so excited about it. People might laugh, but my inspiration has been none other than a Tiffanys engagement ring box (something I might never see in my entire life, but can replicate in my room).

I've chosen, for my walls, two different shades of that signature teal/robins egg blue. Most of the walls will be the darker color, Aqua Bay, and the lighter, accent wall, directly behind my bed, will be Alpine Valley.

The trim, on all the molding and door, will be Kiss Me Kate, a cool white. I just love that name, and it alone was reason enough to choose this ubiquitous color.

With my newly refurbished four post canopy bed, and matching dresser and end tables (almost all free from either Craigslist, friends or dumpster diving, then newly refinished into a glossy, lustrous ebony), and all white cotton bedding, including my oversized, overstuffed white goose down comforter and silver frame accents, I can't imagine a more luxurious looking, inviting, relaxing atmosphere to sleep in.

I am so excited. I'll try and post pics, if I can find my camera batter charger amongst the mess that my apartment is right now. Otherwise, here are some of the photos I've used as inspiration, in the meantime.

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