Friday, November 02, 2007

Home Sweet Home

This was taken during the recent wildfires, in California, by a friend of mine, who lives less than a mile from this lake (Lake Mission Viejo). In addition to the fires in his area, my family experienced evacuation, as the fires approached their homes, in the Santa Clarita Valley.
Growing up with the cycle of wildfires, Santa Ana winds, rain & the mudslides my whole life, not to mention the ever present danger of earthquakes, I guess I just take these kind of natural disaster's for granted. But this picture really shook me, in it's dramatic tension between the fiery sky and ground ablaze, and the reflection of that phenomena that only water can provide. It also reminded me that people I know and love are living with this kind of disaster, literally right at their doorsteps.
It's important to remember those in California, and keep them in our prayers, even as the fires are extinguished, days later, and as they deal with the aftermath of this destruction. I guess I'll take a tornado anyday.

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danielle said...

ok last comment for the night LOL! i vote for a fire or earthquake rather than a tornado- geez those things are crazy! at least with a fire you can drive away, or with an earthquake odds are you'll be fine... but if a tornado comes to your doorstep- your dead.