Monday, November 26, 2007

The Brief Highlights

Here are the brief highlights from the past 4 days, in a quick, condensed, easy to read format. More shall be expounded on later.

  • BFF came into town.
  • Lots of people came over to my apartment for game night, and a few things broke. I wasn't happy.
  • I have a "Santa Baby" nightgown.
  • Made Gluten Free Sweet Potato Pie w/ GF Gingersnap crust & Marshmallow Meringue.
  • Spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with my favorite family in the whole wide world.
  • Got to see Scott - that made me happy!
  • Played Ticket.
  • Got a text from the UCE (Unchivalrous Ex) which made my night. Called me "Sunshine" & wished he could keep me warm on such a chilly night. Urrr!
  • Slept in. Needed it.
  • Shopped a wee bit. Got the mirror I wanted for my room. And Beaujoulais Nouveau.
  • Went to the Gasthof. Partied like a rock star. Lost my cell phone. Know what Kirstie must've felt like.
  • A friend was flashed boobs.
  • I did snuff. Loved it.
  • Drink lots of Cider. Danced like a maniac.
  • Had a slumber party. Giggled a ton.
  • Went to breakfast with two great friends! Got bison sausage. The only time I'll eat buffalo.
  • Slept it off.
  • Did my weekly Home Depot pilgrimage. Learned a LOT!
  • Found my cell. Cried with relief.
  • Played more Ticket.
  • Church. Eh.
  • Had Family Dinner. Am amazingly blessed with love, acceptance and a wonderful family to be part of. Took community naps.
  • Hung out with my other BFF, and scoured the Christmas stuff at Bachman's. Great to have girly, Christmas loving friends.
  • Hung a shelf. Got it to stay. Love my power drill. Can't remember life before it.

Now it's back to work and I'm in the Christmas spirit. I love my friends, my family & Christmas. Yeah, I'm a happy camper. Now, I want to go out dancing again. Soon.

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