Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Christmas Wish List

If you would've told me last year, that this year for Christmas I was going to be asking for a Stud Finder, a Cordless Drill and a Power Sander, I would've laughed at you, and reminded you that No, I like men!

But then my apartment came into my life, and with it, the need for furniture. Sadly, a money tree did not come into my life at the same time, so I turned to that resource for all things fun, funky & free - Craigslist.

Today, on my measly 1/2 hour lunch break, I broke the sound barrier to get to St. Louis Park and I picked up an enormous coffee table. The kind I've been looking for for two reasons -scrapbooking in front of the TV, and playing Settlers. This couldn't be more perfect, in size, for either of those two things. It also couldn't have been more perfect in price....free. Sadly, though, it could be in more perfect condition generally speaking. It has these two white, weird, Gorbachev's head looking marks on it that remind me of ginormous pigeon crap.

So, of course I want to refinish it, and add it to my collection of tastefully refinished Craigslist treasures. But looking at it, I really, really have the urge to sand it. I just know it will hold the paint so much better than the last two things I refinished, which are already starting to get tiny little nicks. Urgh, I really hope I get the power sander for Christmas, and if I don't, maybe my little bakery business will pay off and I can get a sander on CL for pretty cheap.

Speaking of bakery business - I have officially kicked off my Gluten Free/Organic baking business, and so far I have two orders for Thanksgiving, for GF Sweet Potato Pie and GF Sugar Cookies. I'm so excited! The name of my little venture is "Chatterbox Goodies". Chatterbox was the nickname an old friend (Pastor James) gave me many years ago, around the time I had just discovered my love for baking. It was kind of one of the nicest nicknames I've had, when you consider that Trinity Turrets & Turkey were the other two. In any case, I have advertised it on Facebook, and am in the process of getting an Etsy store going, where people can just order directly online & I can either ship or drop off their goodies.

All in all, it should be a busy, bustling holiday season, hopefully one packed with power tools and edible goodies, a much different season than Christmas's past.


danielle said...

Pastor James!?! i loved that guy! he was so awesome! i miss them all out there... goodtimes! you know he married kathy.... i wonder if they had kids and stuff :) that'd be cool!

(im reading your blog in between commercials! LOL!)

danielle said...

your new baking business- very cool! great idea! someday you'll own your own bakery...eating healthy, and the 'gluten is the devil' movement is catching on!lol i stopped eating dairy and gluten, meats or (anything with a face) and almost all other food too! LOL! a while back ago... i do still love all those things and still "cheat" now and then... believe me ,i'd love nothing more than a FAT double double from in n' out burger right now fo sho! i guess i still eat normal in a way lol, but way healthier, i try to eat vegan 2-3x a week, vegetarian 2-3x a week, and then cheat carnivore (white turkey or chicken)lol 2x a week... lol but ultimatley i try to eat 80/20 80% of my food is raw (raw veggies and fruit,sprouts etc- (is living food as in it has live enzymes and alot of oxygen in the greens), and 20% is cooked. its basically high alkaline eating, low acid. when you eat 'dead' food like a slice of bread, oatmeal, a cooked cassarole,or even cooked veggies etc. anthing cooked has no live enzymes. your body can only digest food with live enzymes. so when you eat cooked food your body has to take from your own body your living enzymes to break down your food, you depete your own living enzymes to break down cooked food, you rip yourself off,so then you feel drained and tired, etc. you use up your own enzymes that shouldn't be used etc. but when you eat raw, it already has its own enzymes so you don't have to deplete from your own when you eat. etc- look up Dr. Youngs books about alkaline and keeping your body in an alkaline state. people who are always sick,tired,have diabetes, or who have cancer, or other ailments, diseases, have high acid in their body. therefore only trying to eat alkaline foods (raw veggies, fruits, massive raw greens etc, sprouts etc.living foods) juicing etc. keeps your body in an alkaline state, acidic foods equals your body will be acidic, which brings on every kind of health problem.same with eating foods high in oxygen- for example cancer cant live in high oxygen atmosphere. etc. and sugar in any form is fuel food for cancer and sooo many other health issues. etc. really sugar is the devil LOL! so is dairy linked to everykind of bad health issue too. when you get time watch these videos on uboob-
lol(youtube) you having the issues with gluten and dairy as you do, i know you'd beyond benefit from trying to keep in alkaline state. seems like your body is actually on track- because it doesnt want the crap food ya know.