Monday, November 05, 2007

I Think I Have A Crush

Wow. I'm a walking cliche! I think I have a crush on a guy at work, and am too shy to do much of anything about it. Great huh?

There's this guy over in our Tech Support department, I think he supervises the unit, and I think he's pretty cute. He's friendly, funny and reminds me of a mix between a football player & a little boy. Recipe for cute. Oh, and he wears nice dress shirts, the button up striped kind.

Yeah, I think he's neat. But I'm too shy to talk to him really. Every once in a while I get a chance, when he has an interview come in, or when I pace past his desk on my way to the restroom (reason enough for that extra cup of coffee). Today I was doing some work in the conference room near his desk & he came through and said hi twice. I fumbled over my words, muttered a little bit, blushed a lot and probably looked like a Jerry's Kid.

Hmmm, great impression. I want to get to know him more, but I'm not sure I should do anything about it. But if I don't, well then, what good does that do?

Just a thought. Maybe I should start a poll......

Should I:
1. Email him a note asking him if he ever leaves the building for lunch? Hint. Hint.
2. Ask him to if he plays cards & invite him to the Hand & Foot Tourney I'm hostessing?
3. Stroll up to his desk and make small talk about the Vikings game yesterday?
4. Send him a note with the following: "I like you. Do you like me? Do you like the Beatles? Check yes or no"

I'm open to suggestions here people!


Kari said...

So if this tech boy does a google on you and finds your blog, is it a good thing or bad thing if he read this? : )

Carrie said...

I vote for #3. Guys always like to talk about football. You can't go wrong.
Good luck!!
God bless :)

danielle said...

now that i have caught up on all your posts in dec. and nov. going backwards lol, not in order, you always mention this guy- you should just ask him out already. why not? just do it.
and old friend of mine had a crush on this guy she never spoke too- she called this guy her 'pretend' boyfriend... and one day her friend convinced her to leave a note on his windshield telling him she thought he was cute, and she left her phone number... and guess what now they have 3 kids and have been married for years! :) LOL
its good to be forward! what have you got to lose? if she never wouldve left that note on his windshield that guy wouldve never known she existed, never had gotten married, or have 3 great kids...
taking chances is a good thing!