Thursday, August 23, 2007

Update From Monster House

Ok, I am about th=is close from saying that I have the kitchen done AND the bathroom done in the new place, and then it's just a matter of starting to dig myself out from the mounds of boxes that are stacked chest high in my living room and bedroom.

I rode my bike to the Elliot Park Market last night, to get some dinner (hmmm, not much gluten-free/lactose-free options there, so I went with Dill Pickle Chips & a Peach Snapple). While I was there, I bought a mop, the kind with the collapsable handle. I stuck it in my messenger bag and rode my bike home, thinking I looked an awful lot like a ninja. I thought it was cool. No one could tell it was a mop by looking at me - it could've been a bowstaff.

So, I brought said new mop home, and swept, and swept, and swept, till I cried. Literally. I called my mom, hoping for someone to love me back to my senses, but no such luck. Kari is in Madrid, so no refill on my love tank there. So I just buckled down, turned on some U2, and swept some more. When I got to a point where I realized that all I was doing was moving the little grey piles of cat hair and dust from one spot on the kitchen floor to another, I broke out my new mop and the Mr. Clean and begin to scrub away. Till the handle broke and I was left with a mop for a midget. Dang it, why don't I have a midget? They could do all my housework, and getting those low baseboards clean would be no problem!!!

Now here's a tangent - Why do people own cats? Why dear Lord, why??? WHHYYY? This from a woman who was onced brainwashed into getting a kitten, and lived with a crazy cat lady myself. The sheer amount of disgusting, allergen infested hair is enough to make me throw up in my mouth. The little minty green specks of kitty litter strewn under random spots and hiding in corners makes me want to slit my wrists. Why would you bring those little devils into your house? I never will again! I want a dog!

Anyways, after trying to get every little cat tuft up from the kitchen floor, I finally gave up at about 10 and took the world's best shower ever. I was literally thanking the Lord for the shower, for the water, for the water pressure, for the fact that it's not soft water so I can get all the shampoo out in less than half an hour and for the sweet, vanilla laced scents of Bath & Body Works (a Christmas gift that was never more appreciated). I love clean! I do, I love it. Clean is my new favorite.

I was going to try to set up the TV & DVD player in the living room, across from the mattress on the floor (the bedroom is still too packed with boxes to think of moving in there till 2009). But I was so tired that I didn't even read last night, I just went to bed and fell asleep.

Then, this morning at about 8, I learned that Thursday is trash day in our neighborhood. Good to know.

So, that's the update from Monster House. I came up to Dunn Bros for some coffee and to check email, till I can get wireless installed, and now I'm back to the mopping duties before Jon & I go hit Home Depot for a little home improvement restoration to my soul.

More from the MH later. Thanks for bearing with my rants!

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danielle said...

ahh i love dill chips! yummm...
and as far as cats go......i wont even tell you how many i have! rofl!