Saturday, June 26, 2010

RIP Domino Magazine.... Though It's Been A While.

Let's face it, I am a magazine freak. There have been times where the stacks of magazines next in my bathroom have piled almost as high as the sink itself. I just love magazines that much. As a girl, growing up in style-obsessed L.A., my favorites were Vogue, Glamour and Harpers Bazaar, though occasionally Sassy did make it in there (I was still a teenager, after all). As an adult, Lucky graces that list.... Every. Single. Month. As do Real Simple, Martha Stewart, and Glamour still. My tastes have evolved, but some things, like my voyeuristic love of Do's & Don'ts, never change.

The much missed, out of publication (for a while, I might add) Domino Magazine was an offshoot of Lucky, and dedicated to providing stylish, offbeat and eclectic design ideas and advice. They were to interior design magazines what Etsy is to artisinal websites. Always off the beaten path, they toured the chic, and sometimes quirky, homes of such inspirations as Zooey Deschanel, Claire Forlani and Amanda Peet. Sigh. They offered practical advice, but it was always tempered with a healthy dose of whimsical and offbeat style. And I really miss that combination, that just can't be found in other decorating magazines. Other's remind me either of my grandma's magazines, i.e., Better Homes & Gardens, or are too out of my reality, i.e., Architectural Digest. Domino blended the best aspects of both of these, with a taste that was perfect for a trendy 30-something single gal. Again, sigh.

As I'm trying to make the most of my little one bedroom walk up, before my housesitting gig this summer ends and I actually have to live there, I long for the inspiration that Domino would so often provide. Finding old issues on Ebay isn't as easy as you'd think. It seems that most people who appreciated the magazine as much as I did, were smarter than me and didn't part so easily with their past issues. Sadly, mine always made it out to the recyling bin, each month, as I cleaned out the bathroom of it's glossy stacks. Hindsight, in this case is definitely 20/20.

In an attempt to find a suitable replacement, whether online, or in print form (which old fashioned me prefers), I've discovered a few noteworthy blogs. They're no Domino, don't get me wrong, but moderately inspirational nonetheless.

In a nod to my old, much missed, home decorating friend, here are a few of those links, for your entertainment, and perusal. RIP Domino - you are greatly missed.


Jerry said...

I'm happy that I found your site. I miss Domino more than I can say. I did save some of my favorite magazines, but wish I had more.."smile." Do you know why they stopped publishing the magazine? I will go through the archive and select the ones I do not have, which are many I'm sure. I also will check back here to see if you've found anything more to share. Nothing can compare, I know, but there's still hope I guess.

Jerry said...

I loved this magazine more than I can say. I kept some of the copies, but not nearly enough. I will try to order some from your page. I was happy to find this information. I've bookmarked the sites you mentioned. Thank you. Jerry