Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ten Little Things That Bring Me Joy

I haven't done TLT's in a while, so for this first week of June, here they are:

1. the smell of the dryer vent from outside the house, when the dryer is running

2. late night thunderstorms

3. the perfect (and I do mean PERFECT) latte

4. sundresses

5. new books

6. BBC renditions of Jane Austen novel's

7. how Ana literally runs and jumps into my arms when she's happy to see me

8. and how she refers to the song as "You Are My Sunshine" as "the love song". As in, "Aunt Trinette, sing me the love song". Okaay!

9. my amazing Army Wife friends - they are strong, brave, supportive, courageous, have wonderful husbands who defend our freedom, and are pretty much the best moms/wives/women I know! I am so proud of you!

10. my new marshmallow frosting recipe - I want to put it on everything. What I really want for my birthday is a butane torch so I can toast the frosting peaks into beautifully carmelized little swirls

Bonus - 11. New Jack Johnson music. Heck, Jack Johnson. Period.

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Sharon's Bead Creations said...

Would you share your marshmallow frosting recipe? I would love to try it!