Monday, June 07, 2010

A Wonderfully Good Day

I'm not sure if it's the fact that tomorrow is my birthday, or that it's just a gorgeous morning out, or that I kicked ass at the gym this morning (that AFTER my morning excursion with W & her darling dog Bue).... but I'm in a flipping great mood!!!! Maybe it's that I'm sitting here at Dunn Brothers, just sipping my Organic Green Tea with honey, and all of a sudden my favorite Death Cab song comes on, making me smile. Or that I found a $5 wedged in between my seat belt and car seat this morning.

Here's the deal though - this song would have come on whether I was in a good mood or not. It would still be a beautiful morning, despite being a Monday, whether I chose to recognize it or not. Me being in a good mood doesn't make good things happen - but me being in a good mood opens my eyes to seeing the beauty and joy around me.

How many times do we go through life, like sad Charlie Brown, dejected, head down, feet dragging and the Waaah Waaaah song playing in the background, missing the life that is going on right around us? More often than not, there's a relatively valid reason for our Debbie Downer outlook too. Yeah, life can suck sometimes. But life can be glorious too.

Yeah, yeah, I might sound like some peace-loving, daisy chain wearing hippie, but I think this concept is true. There is plenty to be happy about, grateful for, enamored with, in this life, if we just stop to look for it. Sometimes it's as plain as the crooked nose on an old friend's face, other times it requires searching out. But I guarantee you it's always there and always worth the effort it takes to find.

Today won't be perfect - my neighbors are too loud, and my legs are SORE from running Saturday and dancing Friday. But I can look at life with cloudy grey glasses and complain about those things, or I can remember that I have an adorable new apartment that I love, and got to dance my heart out with friends the other night. It all depends on how I choose to see it. Outlook baby - it makes all the difference.

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