Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Greatest Hits

Ok, so in light of the completely dramatic emo nature of the last few posts (stinking men!!).... here are a few of my favorite posts from years past. If you haven't read them already, I'd say give it a whirl. They're amusing, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and a good change from listening to me kvetch about some guy who doesn't deserve me.

Happy Trails, T

Marcus The Produce God
What This World Is Coming To
Oh By The Way
I Love Lucy - Just a note on this post .... I later realized, and we're talking much later, that the squirrel fighting I was referring to wasn't fighting at all. It took the wildlife wisdom of cousin D, to teach me that what I thought was fighting was actually mating. EWWW!!!!
The Problem With Polygamy - It's More Than Just The Clothes
A New Pest Problem
A Truly Sensitive Subject & A Very Serious Post
That Which Does Not Kill Me...
489 Reasons To Endorse Celibacy

Kinda Brainy
Lessons On Love, Submission & Elephants
Some Of My Favorite Things (Geek Alert)

Something Much Bigger Than Me

There you have it folks.... till next week, when I get back from camp, enjoy!!

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