Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tonight It's Kind of Boring - Just a warning, people.

I hate when I'm reminded that people actually read this thing, because then I feel the pressure to make it entertaining, or worse yet, be funny, and I'm inclined not to write. Although, I am flattered that anyone reads it at all. In any case, I'm just a girl, and I can't be funny all the time, though my coworker Stacey has gone from thinking I'm funny, to hilarious, to darn right adorable, all in a week. Whats with my fan club at work?? I think she means it in the way that people say when they're stumped that I can be that clumsy/goofy/brazen/naive. Not necessarily a compliment.

Tonight I'm working late again though, and I'm taking a break, as I know I'll be here at least till 9 or 10. Last night I worked till 9, then the elevator near my desk starting making weird noises, and fears of being raped and killed in the industrial park drove me to fearfully walk out to my cold car and leave, in quite a rush. Tonight I decided I will let no such fears overcome my ability to work ridiculously long hours, in the pursuit of finishing invitations for our company's Annual Gala.

I've never been married. I've been close, like two weeks away close, but by the grace of God I escaped the hell-hole of Jehovah's Witness brainwashing that would've been. Sadly enough, I have trouble even getting a date, much less being married. Hey, I have cats, who needs men. HAHAHAHAAH. I hate women who say crap like that. Anyway, if I ever do get married, I am now convinced, we are splurging on invitations. None of this "I'll do it myself and save lots of money" crap. Nuh-uh. Invitations will not be done by me, at home, by hand, no way, no how, nuh-uh, never again. So for all of you great friends out there that keep thinking "I should set Trinette up on a blind date with so-and-so, seeing's how her blog is so funny & entertaining", just keep in mind that if he's a cheapskate, it probably won't work, so save yourself the energy & him the humiliation.

You see, this week I had three days to get out 170 invitations, all made by hand, addressed the same, etc. And they're nice, they really are. Completely classy & all pretty & what not. But I have been feeling the pressure, and if there's one thing this commitment-phobe hates, it's pressure. 170 in three days, complete with RSVP cards, dinner selections, map, envelopes, etc. It's a preeeeetty tall order, if you're asking me.

Speaking of tall.....You know what I do like, however? Coffee (as in, "I'll take a tall double skinny cap, wet). And this week I am also on a coffee strike, to see just how much money I could save if I didn't buy coffee for an entire week. So my last overpriced espresso drink was on Sunday, and I'm missing it just a little. I find myself doing random drive by's of Starbucks late at night, cruising past in the parking lot, slowing down, sighing, and driving on. That's ok, I have Diet Coke to fill it's void. Here at work, it's free. I love perks.

Well, dinner is good & gone (Green Chili & Cheese tamales, from when I made them the last time & froze a whole bunch & a Diet Coke, third of the day), and it's back to work for me. My red swingline stapler is-a-callin', and I must answer.


Roger Messner said...

Holiday Station any size coffee or cap free 6am-8am with any purchase...banana 33 cents! It's not Starbucks...but you don't spend bucks

danielle said...

oh hey forgot to say- i know this guy, and he's perfect for you, he's mormon, has no job, and lives in his car....he's sooo cute and wonderful, and he'd like your cats too! he has 15 of them :)