Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ten Things That Bring Me Joy

They're not all nice, just a warning!

1. Hot Dogs & LOTS, lots, lots of mustard.

I had a great one for lunch, and I should've ordered two, they were that good. Everytime I have a good hot dog I forget how much they really are one of my favorite foods. Lips, butts, squirrel anus, nitrates, I don't care! I like a good hot dog!

2. Getting packages.

I got a gift card from a friend for Christmas, from Nordstrom, in the mail
(thrill #1). Usually it's hard to choose, when I want to buy something from Nordstrom, because I could go shoe/makeup/perfume/clothing crazy in
there. But once I saw this sweater, I knew I had found a winner. Too bad I couldn't get it, and the bottle of Coco Mademoiselle I was so longingly
desiring. Instead I chose the sweater, and had it shipped (since they were down to Xtra-Smalls in store). I can't wait for it to get here. I really wanted it to get here by tomorrow, so I could wear it to Frost Fest with Josiah, Ana & Leah. Sigh.

Frenchi® Double Breasted Cardigan - This distinctively designed sweater has a double-breasted button front and Empire-waist seaming. The ribbed collar can be buttoned down or worn up for a different look. Subtle gathers below waist. Ribbed cuffs.

3. Hazy Shade Of Winter, the song.

Back in junior high school, when I was decidedly against the Bangles (c'mon, everyone knows the Go-Go's rocked that genre), this was their only song I liked. Heck, I loved this song, and taped (with our VCR) the video off MTV. Released on the Less Than Zero soundtrack, this is a souped up version of a Simon & Garfunkle classic, complete with rock-heavy guitar riffs and Susannah Hoffs melodic voice. In 1987 it surprisingly made it to #2 on the charts. Today, driving back from lunch, in a car with a temperamental thermostat, it came on the radio, and never was it more appropriate or appreciated. Thank you girl band the Bangles.

4. Britney's a Trainwreck

I know it's horrible to laugh at other people's misfortune, but after even more ridiculous antics by this scuzzed-out, bus station skank, former pop
princess ("That pregnancy test wasn't for me, y'all, I swear. My
family, weez believe in birf control y'all".) I can't help it. In a recent article in the Sports
section of MSNBC, Britney is claimed to have gone-a-beggin' to the NFL, to appear in their commercial promoting the NFL network, only to have met with
rejection. Yep, according to their sources, "She's too much of a train wreck. Besides, we already have Paris Hilton,". Anyone else here picking up on the irony?

5. Hyacinths & their sultry, spring smell.

Our CEO brought in some the other day, and you can smell them across the
building. They're bright, beautiful, and quite fragrant. And today, they're dead. Curse you winter! When will spring arrive?

6. Hot chocolate from scratch - made with finely chopped Scharfenberger chocolate, and sugar and whole milk, and Tahitian vanilla. In a big mug. Need I say more?

7. Beauty: A Retelling of Beauty & The Beast, by Robin McKinley

The first time I read this book was in junior high school, and I liked it
so much that I never turned the book back in to the school library. 20 years later I still have it, though it's cover has gone missing somewhere in between. It still resonates with me even as an adult. Robin McKinley's prose like storytelling, complete with colorful details of the Beast's palace and gardens, detailed descriptions of Beauty's life pre-Beast, charming and sympathetic characters and and uniquely sympathetic character development is so engrossing, that I could read it 20 times more before I die and it would still be new to me.

8. Coco Mademoiselle -
Again, a throw back to years gone by, I first started wearing this amazing scent
in 2001, after it had just been released to critical applaud. Never a fan of the
traditional, powdery Chanel #5, this spicy, younger scent quickly became my
"signature" fragrance, till I forgot about after moving to Minnesota and actually having to watch my money. With Top notes including orange, bergamot and
grapefruit; middle notes of lychee, rose and Italian jasmine, and top notes of
Indonesian patchouli, Bourbon vanilla and white musk, this is by far my favorite, most timeless fragrance, and one that I will be saving till June to purchase (happy birthday to me!)

9. Cream Puffs - Ummmm....they're so easy, and yet such a big, puffy, creamy pay off. I may have to make some this weekend, since I doubt I'll be going out much in the sub-zero cold.

10. Family Time With The Kiddos

Tomorrow night I get to watch my favorite kiddos. Ana Grace & the ever
charming Josiah Parker Coulon. We're going to meet Leah at Frost Fest at Pearl
Park. Sounds like it's a winter festival of some sort, which I'm fine with. What
matters to me most is spending time with three of my favorite people in the
whole wide world. I'm so excited. Now if only my sweater had come in time, I
could wear it!

Well that's it. There were a few other things that crossed my mind, including the fact that I'm getting used to the cats, my new haircut, being done with a huge work project, how it's getting darker later lately & snuggling up in my blanket reading in bed. But, since there's a ten item limit, there you have it!


danielle said...

I LOVE hotdogs too!!! I havent had a good hotdog in a long time &
cream puffs rock! sounds like a complete dinner to me lol.
Have you smelled Sarah Jessica Parkers' - "Lovely" ...yum!

lol not that poor britney is your enemy, but it brings to mind this scripture...Pro 24:17 Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, And do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles;
Pro 24:18 Or the LORD will see it and be displeased, And turn His anger away from him.

Roger Messner said...

All I have to say is...

Roger Messner said...

All I have to say is:

izitjo said...

Really interesting reading your list! I've enjoyed your blog very much and totally relate to your opening statement on Jan 15. If you get a chance head over to my blog - there's a new "blog without obligation" link on the side that may be of interest to you.

Bless ya! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think I really missed something that I did not stumble over your blog before (saw your comment at izitjo's blog).

Loved your movie reviews and your playlist is so great, that I kept the blog window open just to listen to all the great songs you combined there!

It was fun 'meeting' you and I'll for sure be back for more :-)