Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday Update

So, recently a few friends informd me that they actually read my My Space blog. Who knew? I'm still in denial that anyone reads this thing. Anyway, I have started posting there recently. This is what I wrote there today. It's nothing new.....just saves me from having to write things twice. I actually would prefer people read this blog, since I'm just a wee bit proud of all the work I've done on it. I'd like to add a widget that shows what's on my Netflix queue, however it seems Netflix doesn't have a widget like that, only Blockbuster does. And I'm decidedly anti-Blockbuster. I hate those little cranks.

In any case, today is a whole new day, and don't I love it? I feel so great today, and I think I know why. I look really cute today. The kind of cute I wish I could pull off everyday. I am really proud of the way my outfit pulled together this morning**, and I'm having a good hair day, and my eyelashes are unusually long, which is, well, unusual. Looking good for once, has somehow boosted my self-esteem, and that combined with some funky, sing-along music on the ride into work has me acting like Katrina & The Waves. I even got complimented this morning, as one of the guys here at work commented on general Flintstones vibe of my necklace, and then said it was appropriate for a Betty like me. Wow, I'm a Betty? As if! (Ok, now I'm just channeling Clueless circa 1994, since isn't that like, the last time anyone actually used that phrase?)

Another reason I could be walking on sunshine (Get it? Eh? Eh?) is that someone I have a slight, little office crush on, is actually in the office today. It's one of our outside sales reps, and I have to admit, he's like one of the nicest guys to talk to. I've only met him in person once, but every time he calls in, I'm happy to do whatever he asks, because he's just polite, and nice, and well, a real joy to help. I mean, for all I know he's married, or gay, and he lives halfway across the country, and isn't quite my type anyway. But today I get to see him again in person, and I'm just pleased as punch. I even had a dream about him once, that he was training me in as an outside sales rep, and we were traveling all around Texas in a beat up old Ford pickup, hitting every BBQ joint in the steak, sampling pulled pork wherever we went. Hilarious, and I have no clue as to what it means, but just the fact that he was in it makes me smile.

What else makes me smile? Well, for the first time in months I can say I don't live alone anymore. I have cats. Yes, short of the wacky outfits, and a general disdain for anyone under 18, I am now a crazy cat lady. Emphasis on crazy. I can't believe I did it, but after weeks of hemming & hawing, and vacillating on whether or not this was the right decision for me, I just bit the bullet, and did it. It did happen rather spontaneously (me, spontaneous?? No!), as a friend Facebooked me the other day, mentioning that she had two cats she had to find a home for, or they were going to the shelter that night, and I responded with "I'll take them!". So, now, impetuous me is the mom to two beautiful adult, male cats – Henry & Nigel.

Henry is a little fatty pooch of an orange cat, and just a freaking freak of nature. He is older, about 7 years old, and very affectionate. First thing he did Sunday morning was come crawl up on my bed, and climb up on my chest, and lay directly on my face, which would've been kind of funny, except I like to breathe. By the time I was able to get his poochy, purring self off me, it looked like someone had pooped in my eye (go see Knocked Up). Teary, red & swollen, my poor right eye made me look like another trademark of some crazy cat ladies – stoned. Without the much needed mellowing effect. He's a soft orangish-yellow color with white markings around his neck and little white boots. Generally he reminded me of Henry the 8th, the cranky, old, impotent, womanizing king. I'm sure that if I dressed him up like he was going to the Renaissance Festival, that's what anyone who saw him would say too. So, he got to keep the name he had, Henry, though it makes me sad, because it was one of the names I had preemptively chosen for my future, unborn male child, but, whatever.

Nigel, on the other hand, is the very male name I gave to my as of yet sex-undetermined other cat, previously called Dasher. Dasher, seems to me, a great name for a reindeer, but maybe not the best name for a cat who sit around all day. So, Nigel, meaning "the black one" fits quite appropriately to him/her/whatever. You see, Nigel is quite the antithesis to Henry's down home country ways. He's just an inky black pool of velvety softness, with a full, round face, and piercing yellow-green cat eyes. He is the perfect Halloween black cat, and I just love everything about his regal, quiet nature. As he perches majestically on top of my ottoman, one paw tucked casually underneath him, surveying the living room land, I can't help but think he is truly a descendant of the great, beautiful, big cats. With the soft furriness of a snow leopard, but the coloring of a graceful jaguar, he is just so fun to watch and I want to scoop him up in my arms and snuggle him. He's not terribly affectionate though, but I did get a spark of hope yesterday as he came and climbed in bed with me to take a nap. His beautiful black fur contrasted so beautifully with my white duvet, and I couldn't help but take small pleasure in how pretty a cat he is. Yep, me and my pretty cat, catnapping on a Sunday afternoon. How poignant.

In any case, the decision to adopt these two charmers came rather spontaneously, as I chose to rescue them from impending doom ina shelter. So, though it was in style with my usual impulsive self, I cannot regret it. I am now the proud owner of two great cats. Wow.

Well, all is well that ends well. And as long as I don't get any salad dressing on my shirt today, that should end well. As long as I come home and the cats haven't pooped in my shoes, that should end well too (although they're going to come to their end at the bottom of a well if I find they have). And life goes on. The blog goes on. That's it for me today.

**Cute outfit description: Black wide leg pants with contrasting white stitching, a reddish-orange square neck tissue tee from J.Crew, with a white tank layered underneath, a faded khaki blazer, with interesting pocket detail and nickel hardware buttons (from Banana Republic like three years ago…I need to wear this more often!), black patent leather loafers & a chunky yellow beaded necklace that accents the orange top brilliantly. All together, a really smart outfit that is at once polished & pretty as well as stylish, like I just stepped out of Lucky Magazine.

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Roger Messner said...

Trinette, You are a trip! Hope the rest of the week goes well for you. Startin' the week out as a "Betty"! Have fun with the cats. Roger

danielle said...

post some pics of the cats...

when u post at blogspot, why dont u just copy and paste your entire blogspot post to your myspace blog at the same time-for your myspacers...

LOL @ "a general disdain for anyone under 18, I am now a crazy cat lady. Emphasis on crazy."