Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Wanderlust is one of my favorite words. Maybe that's because it's a concept that is so dear & near to my heart.

I have a major case of wanderlust. Always have, and probably always will. Just part of who I am.

Today, well, ok this week, I'm dreaming of Jackson Hole, WY. I can envision myself anonymous there, in a town of 8,647, with snow capped mountains and a quiet job, maybe a cat. I want to live somewhere with mountains and snow and hardly another soul.

I have a major case of wanderlust!


Special K said...

"Be careful, wanderlust may just wind up taking you to China!"

so sayeth the China Doll.

China Doll said...

Look at me! Look at me! With Woody's help, I have found a way to surf the internet without all the roadblocks of before! Everything is a little slower and it's annoying to have to jump through so many hoops, but at least I can read your blog again! So keep the updates coming!