Thursday, May 06, 2010

Bringing Sexy Back

Things I Think Are Hot:

- a stack of books by an unmade bed

- the smell of any sort of tobacco (well, not chewing)

- laughing so hard you can't stop, or you snort, or both

- guys who wear glasses

- sweat pants on a Saturday at home

- art museums

- rain soaked hair

- old black & white movies. Double points for anything Hitchcock.

- ordering a Manhattan

- community naps

- down comforters

- hats

- buttery, supple leather

- ummm, armpits?

- unexpected winks

- camping

- bedhead

- the smell of night blooming jasmine in the summer air

- Jimmy Stewart, Jack Shepherd, Sophia Loren, Conan O'Brien and Rachel Weisz

- dancing to your own beat

- Brittish accents

- eating with chopsticks. Double points if it's spicy Thai food.

- "You want the moon? I'll lasso the moon for you!"

- Good guys. Keep your bad boys, I don't want 'em.

- knowing you're at ease in your own skin, and just going with it.

- substantial eyebrows

- going out for breakfast

- sighs

- libraries

- baseball.

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