Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Insomnia Makes You Write The Weirdest Things

So, lately, and I'm talking for like over a week, my Gmail status has been "Tell Him". For those who don't know, it's a Colbie Caillat song I happen to really like. But I feel like it's so much more than that. And that is all I'm saying about that. For now.

I guess I should have started this post with a great big old warning that this is going to be muy mucho aleatorio y loco!! Oh yeah, I have insomnia, and despite what that perky little pharmacist at Target told me today, Cough Syrup with Codeine is NOT making me sleepy, it's having quite the opposite effect. Affect. Effect. You get the picture.

So, here I lay, all cuddled up at the C's, housesitting, listening to some Marvin Gaye & Sublime (it is NOT true that I have total stoner taste in music, btw), and so many weird things are running through my head. Is my tummy ache actually from not eating? Should I be blogging right now? Who knows? I guess we'll find out, right?

So, like for the first part, how I've completely changed so much in the last few months. Chalk it up to growing, but I feel like a mellower, more at-peace-with-her-surroundings kind of Trin. I think a lot of it has to do with things I'm increasingly more grateful for. My flatmates. The way they all bring me joy, on a daily basis. That I feel served in the kindest, most thoughtful ways by my friends, and I feel totally loved by the people I know, and spend time with. I'm seeing God work in the life of a good friend, who I've been praying for for like 2 years now. I'm in community, and can see it all around me. Is community a matter of proximity, and does one feed the other? That's another post for another day, seriously.

Next on the list, I'm becoming a total hippie!! I ordered the stuff today to make my own rainwater barrel! How awesome is that. And I'm composting now. And not just that, but my roommate R (for Roommate of course) is composting too! I'm turning other people into hippies. I jest. I have been reading up on sustainable living, and I'm even organizing my very own backyard campout night (besides another one I'm attending next weekend). Last week I spent the entire week at camp, which was amazing, and I found myself using phrases like "nutrient rich soil" and "pesticide free produce" during the cooking classes I taught. The kids looked at me like I was smoking said nutrient rich soil, but I just smiled ignorantly and turned their attention back to the amazing chocolate dipped marshmallows we made.

Oh, and yeah, I think my maternal clock is boomboombooming me a wee bit too much these days, but it seems like everywhere I look there are adorable little baby boys running around with big goofy smiles, floppy hair and that drunken toddler walk that makes me laugh.

But enough of that.... I miss being at work. That in itself is almost a miracle statement. Who misses working? But I miss getting things done and being good at something. And let's face it, at work I have full confidence that I rule the roost of the Rimage lobby quite sufficiently. For the sake of my pour lungs, ribs and roommates (who are probably tired of hearing me hack all night), I hope this bronchitis goes away soon, so I can get back to the grind of things and stop wearing jeans and flip-flops and hippie chick shirts all day, and start looking like a proper Banana Republic wearing office girl again!

Ok, I said this was going to be random and rambling. And since it's almost 2, and I'm still fighting insomnia, this is nothing if not crrrazzy. I'm a sleep loving hippie.... I need to get me some bedtime!

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