Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Coming Together

So, last week I hosted my first party at my new apartment. I've been in there since June, but it's taken me this long to feel settled in, and even remotely ready to entertain.

Now I know hostessing isn't about perfect - a real Martha Stewart - but I at least wanted the place to look decent before inviting anyone over. And short of the sweltering heat and my lack of A/C, and the lack of real seating (two very big issues, btw), I think it all came together pretty sweetly.

There are definitely a few things I need to get done, however. Like find or make curtains, get a rug for the living room, glaze the living room walls with a smoky tobbacco finish to warm up the cool Robins Egg Blue, find a decent armoire to refinish into the boozy cabinet of my dreams, put a ceiling fan in the bedroom and now, after viewing Centsational Girl's post on redecorating her living room, I'm thinking replace the very mammary-looking light fixtures in the living room with something a little more retro adorable.

I've realized, with moving in here, how much I really love home projects, and especially decorating and refinishing old, shabby finds. This is not a hobby I ever saw myself really getting into, since I have such a hard time putting down roots. But after my last roommate's strong resistance to my decorating efforts, I was all ready to make this place look like it was aalll mine!!

And I do believe it has.

So for now, there is much that has been accomplished, but I know so much I would still like to do. Good thing I've got time, imagination, a decent skill set and a power drill. What more does a crafty girl like me need?

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