Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A New Hobby

So, I've started quilting. I started last night. My first project is a baby blanket for the Bot. Baby Chloe, to those of you scratching your chins in confusion right about now. I got the most adorable brown and pink fabrics, with little pictures of Paris, the Eiffle Tower, etc on it, and I can't wait to see the finished result. Despite the fact that this is a super-easy pattern I still am crazy nervous and am pretty sure it's gonna come out spastic. Aaaah, whatever, it's made with love.

I have more fabric, for a little boy's quilt too, and hopefully, if I can pick up the skills necessary to be good at quilting, I'll get more fabric when I go back down to Lansing, before Yellow Bird Art closes out on May 15th. BTW - how sad is that?

In the meantime, I'm honing up my seamstress skills, and hoping that I can someday be as good as my mom is on a sewing machine. I'd love to learn how to make children's clothing, and this picture, of adorably baby Joy, has me totally inspired. In anticipation of being good enough to make children's clothes, I did get a pattern or two at YBA, while they were 50-75% off.

Exciting stuff, and as soon as I can get some pictures up, I will. Yay.... here's to a summer spent sewing. There's worse things in life.

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