Monday, September 21, 2009

Back By Popular Demand

Here are a few more hilarious websites to amuse yourself with during the day. You know, cuz I never do that. This is basically the world’s scariest and creepiest and saddest children’s playgrounds. Fun – I totally would take my kids there if I had any! And then listen to them quietly sobbing in their beds at night. Playgrounds From Hell. Or the former Soviet Union. If you’ve spent any time in Asia, you’ll recognize the awesome signs and half-baked signs. One of my favorites, whether in print or online. Of course it claims to be America’s Finest News Source, but I believe that’s only true since the Weekly World News went under. One of the best examples that people who breed dogs have too much time on their hands (sorry Sue, I didn’t mean you!) In case the poodles weren’t enough

Like Mental Floss is just kind of random fun stuff.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the hilarious movie Fanboys yet, you may not appreciate this site. But for those down with driving cross country just for a chance to break into Skywalker Ranch, enjoy this article

Last week I posted about the Building A Better Man website, which I was only able to halfheartedly endorse…. This one’s much better trust me.

And because I’m not just one of the guys, or even close, I’m going to admit that one of my all-time favorite girly sites is Southern Beauty, which is written and edited by a bunch of Southern Women. Now trust me, nobody does Beauty like Southern women. Naturally strong and resilient by nature, their fortitude often applies itself in shellacked hair, shellacked nails, head to toe matching accessories, flawless makeup even in 102 degree weather with 70% humidity…. there is something so appealingly OCD about the studied beauty of Southern women. There is part of me that embraces my boho, neo-hippie roots, embraces the way I rebelled as a teenager into the perfect, argyle wearing Young Republican, but there is very little in me that is truly a Southern belle inside. I can only read, and learn and wish.

Well, that’s it for my more current suggestions. Over and out good buddy.

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