Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I Bet Nobody In History Has Ever Licked The Liberty Bell

So, I think I might be totally obsessed with How I Met Your Mother. Here’s my top ten list (Letterman inspired, ahthankyouverymuch), of Top Ten Signs You’re Watching Too Much HIMYM:

10. Every time you see a great picture of NPH (and the fact that you know who NPH is, should be a big clue in itself), all you can think is “too bad he’s gay”.

9. You compare every guy’s calves to Jason Segals.

8. Someone says you’re being a “Ted” and you’re like Puhleeze…. I’m not even that lame.

7. You start telling babies to “Suit up”, “Snowsuit up” and even “Flightsuit up”.

6. You go around introducing all your friends by saying “Have you met my friend (insert name here)?”.

5. You can only hope that someday, you too can be a Lilypad to some hot guys’ Marshmallow.

4. You know all the words to “Let’s Go To The Mall”, by Robin Sparkles.

3. You can’t say the word “legendary” without meaningful pauses and the phrase “wait for it”, anymore.

2. You’re constantly challenging your friend’s to Slap-Bets.

And the number one sign you know you're watching too much HIMYM is...... wait for it, it's gonna be, yep, legen....dary ....

1. Your main goal in life is just to stop being sad, and be AWESOME instead. True story.

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