Friday, December 07, 2007

A New Poll!

So, I guess this means I'm getting a cat. I don't really like cats much. But I like mice even less. Here are my thoughts on the cat thing:

Things I'm not looking forward to:
Cat hair on my clothes & furniture
Being categorized as a cat lover, a huge misconception
Cleaning the kitty litter box

Things that might be good about this cat:
It will keep the mice away, hopefully
It might keep the squirrels/rats/racoons/neighbors away
If I happen to need some affection, it might crawl up on my lap and let me love it.

Notice all the good things about the cat are "maybe"s. Like maybe it will do this, maybe it will do that. That's the crap thing about cats, in the end, they do what they want. And often times that's exactly what you don't want them to do. Cats are much like teenagers or rich women that way.

In any case, I posted a new poll, called "What Should I Name The Stinking Cat?" A friend recently entertained getting a cat, for his daughters, and was going to name it after someone who hates cats vehemently. So, unfortunately that name is out, though it wouldn't be one I'd choose anyways. All my names are kind of fun, and have meaning. I've listed said meanings below, so make sure y'all vote now!

Watson - A faithful companion. To Sherlock Holmes. This name reeks of irony, because I don't hold out much hope that my cat will either be faithful, or a companion. Cats - they're tricksy that way.

Grendel - A male ogre, from the old English poem about Beowulf (which happens to be a movie out right now, no connection I swear!). The ogre was slain. Nice. Maybe my cat will do some slaying instead. Also, Grendel was the puppy from the 80's show, "Thirtysomething", which is now my current age. OMG, I'm "thirtysomething". Oooh, I remember I used to watch that show and think how old they all were. That was back in high school of course, but still. Anways, I digress.

Burt - Since my cat is black, who better to name it for but my favorite Chimney Sweep (from Mary Poppins!)

Nigel - "Were only making plans for Nigel. We only want whats best for him". Remember that song? If I'm going to have a cat, I can pretend he's Brittish, and dignified, and imagine that he's going to talk to me in a Brittish accent. I can! And anyways, Nigel literally means "Black Haired One", and wasn't one of the members of Duran Duran named Nigel??

Brutus - Because this cat is bound to betray me, and my original intent in getting it. He's a cat, it's as inevitable as the sun rising tomorrow. So, shouldn't I name him after one of history's most famous betrayers? Judas just didn't have the same ring to it.

Samson - Yep, I want this cat to be strong, fierce, a killer of Philistines, I mean mice. A strongman who received his strength from, yes appropriate to a cat, his hair. If it's going to be on everything I own, why not ascribe it some strength?

So, those are my name choices. Check out the picture of the new cat, and let me know what y'all think. I really do listen to the poll results - my new car is now named Sean Preston, the clear leader in my last poll, called "Name My Car". The name has turned out to be so fitting too, I mean if something is going to be slightly beat up and chock full of junk food, it might as well be named Sean Preston right??


danielle said...

if that cat in the pic is the one- he so looks like a Watson! love that name...
question tho- why don't you just get mouse traps!?! instead of a cat

ok i have 6 cats lol! count them, yes, six. so just call me the cat whisperer! LOL :) let me give you a bit of advise-
cats sense whether or not people like them... the cat will have real bad vibes from you since you are not a cat person. you can get the sweetest cat in the world, but if he senses 'cat hate' lol, he will be non- receptive to you, and definitely not a lap cat that's sweet. if you already have the cat- Watson :) lol dont treat or look at him as just a mouse killer... start looking at him as your companion and something to cuddle with at the end of the day, something to love and love you back... those will give Watson good cat people vibes- and he'll be receptive to you. Also one HUGE thing- NEVER NEVER play with him using your hands!!!!!!!! I can't stress that enough! you want him to see your hand as an affectionate object- not a toy! once he sees your hand as a toy , every time you go to pet him he will wonder if he's gonna get attacked/played with or get pet, and he'll always be on the offencesive toward your hands, which will equal lots of bites, scratches, and not a good loving cuddly companion.... but if you only use your hand to love and pet him he will only see your hand for being petted and loved, and he wont be on the offensive every time your hand comes at him. now if the prior owner of Watson always used their hands to play with him and play rough etc... Watson might be screwed up already and he'll always be on the offence no matter what you do. but theres still hope cause you will have to re-train him to see hands as love not toys, so still only use hands to only pet and you can start to teach him that YOU only pet not play...and hopefully he see you as the object of his affection. give him time. he only has you now, your it, your his only form of love and purpose for his life now! LOL so think of that, when you look at him, doesn't that make you want to just love him :) lol you are ALL he's got now, so love him, pretend hes a dog lol or whatever animal you are fond of! ..... you actually might become a cat person, one your open to that thought, just keep thinking to yo self... "i am a cat person, i love cats" LOL - and that doesn't mean you have to love the cat liter, cat crap, hair everywhere, it just mean that you actually love the cat itself! like i said i have 6 of them, i hate cleaning the liter box! i despise it, i hate the cat hair on all my clothes, but i absolutley adore my cats, so the liter,poop, and hair are quickly forgotten when they crawl all over me purring and loving me :)

Breanne said...

Hey, first off, I gotta give hats off to Danielle's advice. I'm her cousin, by the way :) Anywho, I think Samson is a good name.

Also, my input for you is that you may not be a cat person now, but you may eventually becoming a huge cat lover. My mom and I weren't much of cat lovers. My mom disliked them because her track record with cats was they always didn't like her, like Danielle's cat CoCo. I thought CoCo was an evil cat too. I never liked her because she didn't liked me, in fact she clawed open my lip once.

But then about 3 years ago, we found a cat living in our garage and at first we thought it was a stray. We shoo'd her away for a while, but she wouldn't go away. We later found out she belonged to a neighbor but she didn't like being over there really because her brother cat would torture here and attack her. She eventually adopted us as her owners. So we started feeding her, taking care of her, taking her to the vet when needed. She's so sweet and is such an awesome cat. She doesn't bite or scratch us at all. She's definitely territorial though, she fights with any cat that comes up to fight with her. We became cat lovers after that. Then we adopted another cat which was a stray. He had so many health problems we couldn't ignore him. And we took him in and he's also now apart of the family. See, there's a story of non cat people getting cats and becoming cat lovers. My mom even wants another cat! LOL! She wants to kidnap one of Danielle's cats :D

But yeah, so don't say that you'll never like cats and there's no hope. Because after a while, you'll ignore the hair, litter and such. Our cat, Moe, he loves to sleep on my pillow curled around my head. And I'll be in the shower in the morning, washing my hair and find cat hairs. LOL! I ignore it, because ultimately, the cat is my best companion.

the cat whisperer said...

im back lol! had to tell my cousin about your post and poll vote and asked her to chime in too :)
ok i re-read your post and i think Nigel would be a good name too- he totally looks like he is British! and He talks with a british accent :)or maybe he can be a Watson with a british accent. In my last comment i forgot to also tell you that - you can still play with your cat, with objects like throwing crunched up pieces of paper (they love chasing that) or with plastic caps from bottles etc. cats seem to love to play with people trash LOL anytime i actually bought a "cat toy" they never seem to play with it. Although they do like the cat toy balls with bells etc. So anyway, use your hands for peting only, but when you play with them- use other cat toys/trash lol... i do hope Nigel? Watson? works out for you :)